Wall Street Journal - Aug 13 2010 - August 13, 2010 - Getting a Little R&R

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Clues Answers
'Did You Ever ___ Dream Walking?' SEEA
'Local Hero' director Bill FORSYTH
'No getting away from me! Now give me a trim!' IGOTYOUBARBER
'Ride the Dark Trail' writer LAMOUR
'Skedaddle!' GIT
'Sprechen ___ Deutsch?' SIE
'The Luck of Roaring Camp' writer HARTE
'___ say...' SADTO
(PRODUCT) RED co-founder BONO
1887 novel subtitled 'A History of Adventure' SHE
Abby's twin ANN
Aboard ONTO
Accessory for King Midas's bride? GOLDENGARTER
Affectionate FOND
Aleppo resident SYRIAN
Amp input label MIC
Anger IRE
Be shy OWE
Bear feet PAWS
Before today AGO
Believer's suffix IST
Between jobs IDLE
Big money amt. BIL
Big name in security BRINKS
Bookbinding tools AWLS
Bridge need SCOREPAD
Call, for example OPTION
Capital indicator STAR
Cat also called a jaguatirica OCELOT
Cell body SOMA
Ceramic polecat? FERRETOFCLAY
Check figure AMOUNT
Citation, Corsair, Pacer and Ranger EDSELS
Closes in on NEARS
Collar feature STAY
Contemplate THINKON
Contents of some pro shop packs TEES
Contrite one RUER
Cooling-off period? ICEAGE
Cozumel coin PESO
Cpl.'s superior SGT
Curator's concern ART
Cutting-edge NEW
Danny's daughter MARLO
Dark red hue WINE
Disconcerted RUFFLED
Duplicitous SLY
Ethmoid bones are parts of them CRANIA
Events for stock holders RODEOS
Exclusive ONLY
Falco of 'Nurse Jackie' EDIE
Fall fall LEAVES
Femur or fibula LEGBONE
Find immensely funny ROARAT
Firing range sheets TARGETS
First name in cosmetics ESTEE
First-rate ACES
Flying Cloud or Royale REO
Fort ___ (Arlington army post) MYER
Foundation garment GIRDLE
Full of mischief IMPISH
Gaelic ERSE
Game for visitors to the Tate Gallery? NAMETHATTURNER
Gave a wide berth to AVOIDED
Clues Answers
Giant legend OTT
Got sidetracked STRAYED
Gov. Crist's home FLA
Grammy winner James ETTA
His work is on the house ROOFER
Holiday lead-ins EVES
Horrified AGHAST
It borders It. AUS
Kazan of 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' LAINIE
Lab work TESTS
Labor group for first-string players? UNITEDSTARTERS
Lacking aim ADRIFT
Language spoken throughout Canada CREE
Like Amish houses UNWIRED
Like some rural bridges ONELANE
Like top players SEEDED
Lloyd Bridges TV series SEAHUNT
Man with a van MOVER
Manual reader USER
Many Justin Bieber fans TWEENS
Moon of Neptune NEREID
Music's Mahler GUSTAV
Note from a recipient THANKYOU
Numbered work OPUS
Object of an insult from Gordon Ramsay? SORRYSAUCE
Old verb ending ETH
One for the road? AUTO
Outfit RIG
Panasonic subsidiary SANYO
Penetrating ACUTE
Person who makes sculptures of extinct animals? MAMMOTHCARVER
Phaedra's father MINOS
Pig who's not all that bright? SLOWPORKER
Playwright Burrows ABE
Poivre's partner SEL
Pontiacs of the 1980s FIEROS
Poorly suited to working in public relations GRUFF
Punk rock offshoot EMO
Quarry PREY
Receiving rooms PARLORS
Revealing garment MINI
River through Deutschland RHEIN
Samuel Johnson tragedy IRENE
See 28-Across EVANS
Skater Midori ITO
Some newspaper ads INSERTS
Sporty Mazda MIATA
Startled sounds GASPS
Still below the horizon UNRISEN
Subway systems METROS
Sulking INAPET
Super Bowl XXXV champs RAVENS
The going rate FARE
They have needs for reeds OBOISTS
Title role for Bruce Boxleitner TRON
To the same degree ASMUCH
Track numbers ODDS
Unduly TOO
Wade through PERUSE
Wall St. watchdog SEC
When Macbeth meets the Witches ACTI
Wild child TERROR
Wilma's husband FRED
With 89-Across, noted jazz arranger GIL
Wood for archer's bows YEW
Worked (up) HET
Xylophone player's needs MALLETS
Yakov Smirnoff's birthplace ODESSA