The Washington Post - Dec 21 2021

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Clues Answers
'50s Ford failure EDSEL
'Evil Woman' rock gp ELO
'Frozen II' sister ELSA
'Garfield' dog ODIE
'Get it?' SEE
'The Last Jedi' villain Kylo REN
'You snooze, you __' LOSE
*Briefs alternative BOXERSHORTS
*Jewel-encrusted film noir title bird MALTESEFALCON
*See 1-Across COAT
*Sock hop attire POODLESKIRT
*With 4-Across, researcher's wear LAB
2021 World Series champs: Abbr ATL
50 Cent piece, e.g RAP
Alpine region in Italy and Austria TYROL
Anatomical ring AREOLA
Aptly palindromic ABBA hit SOS
Asian nurse AMAH
Asks (for), as a loan HITSUP
Backstabber RAT
Be off ERR
Buffet with guacamole and salsa TACOBAR
Checked for prints DUSTED
Chekov's early 'Star Trek' rank: Abbr ENS
Christmas __ EVE
Church feature STEEPLE
Common Sunday newspaper insert ADPAGE
CPR expert EMT
Curly cabbage KALE
Elite athletes ALLSTARS
Europe's __ de Genève LAC
Feast with poi LUAU
Finish END
Gardener's purchase SEED
Give (out) sparingly DOLE
Glandular prefix ADRENO
Heated to bubbling BOILED
Clues Answers
Infuriate ENRAGE
Jargon with words ending in -ay PIGLATIN
Latin 101 verb ESSE
Legendary city of gold ELDORADO
Lena of 'Riviera' OLIN
Like family-friendly films RATEDG
Like some quaint lamps OILLIT
Lucrative, as a contract FAT
Major employer? ARMY
Musical finale CODA
Nested newborns' noises CHEEPS
Nothing NIL
Old-fashioned type STODGE
Poe's 'Annabel __' LEE
Poe's __ Morgue RUE
Pound sound ARF
Prepared for a proposal KNEELED
Progressive spokeswoman FLO
Relish SAVOR
Sappho's island home LESBOS
Secession approved in a 2016 U.K. referendum BREXIT
See 68-Across DOG
Seize, as an opportunity LEAPAT
Send-ups SATIRES
Sixth sense: Abbr ESP
Smart-whip link ASA
Soccer cheer OLE
Sportscaster Bob with 29 Emmys COSTAS
Strand at sea ENISLE
Supported from the bleachers, with 'for' ROOTED
The end of time? OCLOCK
Three-time Grammy-winning singer Vikki CARR
Tom Brady, before he became a Buc PAT
Top-level computer list MAINMENU
Valuable minerals ORES
Vocally twangy NASAL
With 69-Across, Iditarod front-runner ... and a hint to the answers to starred clues LEAD
__ proprietor SOLE