Wall Street Journal - Jan 13 2022 - Namedropping

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Clues Answers
“Hamilton” won one in 2015 OBIE
“Here Is Your War” writer Ernie PYLE
“Where Is the Life That Late ___?” (“Kiss Me Kate” song) ILED
“___ of the Mind” (Sam Shepard play) ALIE
1975 Wimbledon champ ASHE
Adventurer Heyerdahl THOR
Anglo-Saxon character RUNE
Attracted DREW
Babysitter, often TEEN
Banded stone ONYX
Blockbuster feature WIDEAPPEAL
Blubbery beast SEAL
Canine setting JAW
Casually dressed TSHIRTED
Chrysalis, e.g PUPA
Co. division DEPT
Consequently ERGO
Converse CHAT
Crêperie item PAN
Cutter crew TARS
Demonstrate dejection MOPE
Ensures the failure of DOOMS
Frisbee, e.g DISC
Galley item OAR
Genesis creator SEGA
Get into DON
Gill opening SLIT
Give the slip LOSE
Great deal PILE
Green feature HOLE
Heels CADS
Hosp. areas ORS
Innovative flash IDEA
It includes Justice and Death TAROTDECK
It indicates the beats: Abbr ECG
It precludes crossing party lines CLOSEDPRIM
James Buchanan or Woodrow Wilson, e.g PRESBYTERI
Clues Answers
Mamoru Oshii’s specialty ANIME
Many a short-story contest entrant BUDDINGAUT
Mini buss PECK
Museum embarrassment FAKE
Nagasaki’s island KYUSHU
Napoleon or Nero: Abbr EMP
Neighbor ABUT
New York mayor Adams ERIC
Nice round number? PAR
Petition for SEEK
Polish language EDIT
Post JOB
Private doctor MEDIC
Provincial RUBE
Ready for a massage ACHY
Reduction in hostility THAW
Runner in the Olympics SKI
Scoutmaster’s charge TROOP
Skin soother ALOE
Sparkly headgear TIARA
Squadron UNIT
Still having a shot at winning INIT
Supermodel Valletta AMBER
Surname of three of the O.K. Corral combatants EARP
Swimmer Thorpe IAN
Terminated AXED
That’s a wrap SCARF
Tires make them RUTS
Top 40 entry POPRECORD
Topics for historians ERAS
Towers over DWARFS
Understood by very few ESOTE
Untouched area EDEN
Venture BET
Volcanic craters CALDERAS
When things are most desperate HOUROFNEED
Works on a shift, perhaps SEWS