The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 28,652 - Jan 12 2022

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Clues Answers
Adversaries at table abandon country garden EDEN
Car dumps English fruit CITRON
Country river, Russian one RURAL
Cowboy or ranger's helping on way up ravine ARROYO
Decorator houses deer for Reykjavik resident ICELANDER
Dictionary entry that's clearer when higher DEFINITION
Enraged Indiana bank crushes strike INFLAMED
Fine old athlete ruined with heroin? It's how things are (3,3,2,3,4) THELIEOFTHELAND
Ford a channel going west, following new range SIERRANEVADA
French city cut employment for another one TOULOUSE
Georgian perhaps runs three trips round Ohio SOUTHERNER
Girl briefly also called when touring state ALASKA
His happy orgy disrupted study of 5 down PHYSIOGRAPHY
Isolated younger rocks form our islet OUTLIERS
Clues Answers
Large rock formerly down under 26 LAYERS
Luscious oranges and melons primarily growing in this? LOAM
Northern city's deer dispersed in a local peak ABERDEEN
Occasionally meet star climbing this? MESA
Plan to get shot of rose beds STRATA
Player who's fancied fruit left item in ring? SEEDPEARL
Posh tablet rejected in reading Little Women here? LILLIPUT
Posts at university linked to entitlements UPRIGHTS
Quietly put away accumulated 19 of 16 PEAT
School hung maps showing growth in bogs SPHAGNUM
Story about a stink over North American water LAKEERIE
Troops set back a party sign blocking way ROADUP
Tyrone town evicts German with a place in Nebraska OMAHA