The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8799

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Clues Answers
Adding an inferior substance to ADULTERATING
African kingdom LESOTHO
Area around, eg, a cathedral PRECINCT
Awkward, ungainly GAWKY
Be swarming (with) TEEM
Before the usual time EARLY
Dazed and unsteady GROGGY
Exist; not recorded LIVE
Favouring a select group ELITIST
Fluid-filled sac CYST
Hades HELL
Japanese hostess GEISHA
Clues Answers
John —, English poet and playwright DRYDEN
Large cat LION
Location for event VENUE
Longfellow's hero HIAWATHA
Made up of three-sided figures triangulated
Near-unconscious state STUPOR
Rebellion UPRISING
Spacious, extensive WIDE
Spanish nobleman GRANDEE
Tendon, ligament SINEW
Type of message TELEGRAM
Weasel-like mammal POLECAT