Universal - Jan 11 2022

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Clues Answers
"Black Jeopardy!" show, for short SNL
"Bon ___!" ("Dig in!") APPETIT
"Check out this trick I can do!" LOOKATME
"It isn't me!" NOTI
"Peter Pan" boatswain SMEE
"Pong" consoles ATARIS
"Sixth sense": Abbr ESP
Across, in a "Jingle Bells" lyric OER
Amt. of sugar for coffee, maybe TSP
Angora goat's coat MOHAIR
Award such as Best Female Athlete ESPY
Bambi, for one DEER
Blown-up image? LARGEPRINT
Broadcasts AIRS
Certain Gen-Z jargon TEENSPEAK
Clear tables BUS
Close race's ending, or a hint to 17-, 26- and 45-Across PHOTOFINISH
Communicated like a cow MOOED
Congregate GATHER
Crime novelist Leonard ELMORE
Delves (into) PROBES
Devoured ATE
Disney film starring The Rock MOANA
Dry red wine CABERNET
Earth's environment? SPACE
Entryway with a latch GATE
Fancy German autos BMWS
For each PER
Glum SAD
Goal AIM
Good or bad sign OMEN
Gorilla or gibbon APE
Guess on an ORD board ETA
Ham it up EMOTE
Hang ___ (do a surfing stunt) TEN
Hatcher of "Desperate Housewives" TERI
Icy mass BERG
Idina voices her in "Frozen" ELSA
It wasn't built in a day ROME
Clues Answers
It's sometimes called a napkin PAD
Kind of butter in lotions SHEA
Longtime MTV show about young adults in a new city, with "The" REALWORLD
Luau or rave PARTY
Medium-sized sofa SETTEE
Mess up ERR
Mont Blanc's range ALPS
More unsettling EERIER
Movie FX CGI
Natural hairdo AFRO
Number that birthday candles represent AGE
Old-fashioned "Oh, my!" EGAD
Old-style yet cool RETRO
Org. that provides signals intelligence NSA
Part of the lake acronym HOMES ERIE
Paving substance TAR
Plain font ARIAL
Previously known as NEE
Promotional image? BOOSTERSHOT
Purpose USE
Put up, as a building ERECT
Rainy-day fund NESTEGG
Remnant at a tree farm STUMP
Remove, as a lightbulb UNSCREW
Sanctify BLESS
Sault ___ Marie STE
Spheres ORBS
Spicy image? GINGERSNAP
Stately homes MANORS
Submissions to Santa LISTS
Texter's "I really didn't need to know that" TMI
The body's biggest organ SKIN
Throat ailment, informally STREP
Tool with teeth SAW
Trunk's position, on many cars REAR
Verbal exam ORAL
What a listener "lends" EAR
Wine barrel CASK