The Washington Post Sunday - Jan 9 2022

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Clues Answers
'Can't go on' IMDONE
'Cape Fear' star Nick NOLTE
'Don't ___ me now!' FAIL
'Giant' or 'stormy' seabird PETREL
'Give me just one ___' SEC
'Happy' plant painted by Bob Ross TREE
'Having said that ...' BUT
'i'm dead' LOL
'Is everything ready?' ALLSET
'Music for Civic Recovery Centre' musician Brian ENO
'O coward conscience, how ___ thou afflict me!' ('Richard III' line) DOST
'That was mean!' RUDE
'The Plains of Passage' author Jean AUEL
'The Rage of Dragons' author Winter EVAN
'The Sopranos' network HBO
'There Will Be Blood' actor Paul DANO
'___ Is How We Do It' (Montell Jordan hit) THIS
2014 U.S. Open champion Michelle WIE
69 Down centers, for short ERS
Activity on a course ROUNDOFGOLF
Appear as such SEEMSO
Bare-knuckle boxing weapon FIST
Beastly haunt LAIR
Become wiser, maybe MATURE
Blasting ___ CAP
Borrower's obligation DEBT
Cable boxes? TVS
Candied Thanksgiving side items YAMS
Chafe RUB
Charles IX, par exemple ROI
Child of Aphrodite EROS
Clarinetists' purchases REEDS
Clark Kent's original Kryptonian name KALEL
Compassionate fire-wielding superhero? THEHUMANETORCH
Consider acceptable SEEFIT
Curd or dip preceder BEAN
Cuts up in the kitchen DICES
Dark stain BLOT
Devices replaced by smartphones PDAS
Dietary restriction for one completely avoiding bread and pasta, say NOCARBS
Disney heroine who wore a jangling cat collar? PRINCESSBELLED
Diverts with jokes, say AMUSES
Dressed for work, but without neckwear TIELESS
Dull routine RUT
Ear-to-ear grin BIGSMILE
Endures ABIDES
Equivalent SAME
ESPY Award honoring an unexpected victory BESTUPSET
ET who co-hosted the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1989 ALF
Floored with a punch DECKED
Food, informally GRUB
Future episode promos TEASERS
Genre for Max Roach BEBOP
Get out of bed? UPROOT
Go out with someone who you think is out of your league DATEUP
Gradual film transition FADE
Granny Moses portrayer ___ Ryan IRENE
Great Dane who leads people into destruction? SCOOBYDOOM
Green Avengers heroine who builds a storage structure? SHEDHULK
Hair treatment that may involve a neutralizer PERM
Hamburger's 'street' STRASSE
Hayride block BALE
Hearing, sight, smell, taste or touch SENSE
Heroic pooch who provides financial support? FUNDERDOG
Holiday visitor en décembre PERENOEL
Homer Simpson's dweeby neighbor? NERDFLANDERS
Horse color pattern ROAN
I and others, in old Rome NUMERALS
Ingredient in a Kentucky mule cocktail BOURBON
Initials of a 1960s attorney general RFK
Instruction manual parts STEPS
Issue, as fumes EMIT
Clues Answers
Journalist Feinberg ASHLEY
Just sat there IDLED
Key macromolecule RNA
Khrushchev's nation USSR
Like it or ___ it LUMP
Like one playing down their accomplishments MODEST
Lion's 116 Across DEN
Low even score ONEONE
Mandlikova of tennis HANA
Manga android who bobs up and down in a harbor? ASTROBUOY
Manning drafted by the Chargers ELI
Many a Middle-earth archer ELF
Massachusetts college that Calvin Coolidge graduated from AMHERST
MLB group with teams from Baltimore, Boston, New York, Tampa Bay and Toronto ALEAST
Model-building sets KITS
Money spent in Ankara LIRAS
New Mexico resort TAOS
No ___ in sight END
Obeyed a '+' sign ADDED
Olaf's makeup, in 'Frozen' SNOW
One getting the red carpet treatment IDOL
One working abroad CONSUL
Pancakes in Indian cuisine DOSAS
Parts of recliners ARMRESTS
Performs a certain Latin dance SALSAS
Person with a similar aesthetic as Lydia Deetz from 'Beetlejuice,' maybe GOTH
Piece that captures diagonally PAWN
Plaintiff against Wade in 1973 ROE
Play at lunchtime, say MATINEE
Playbill bits BIOS
Pontifical blue toon? PAPALSMURF
Pop-up annoyances ADS
Practitioner of sorcery MAGE
Psychedelic letters LSD
Put down, as floor tiles LAID
Rascally rapscallions IMPS
Real-life picture DOCUMENTARY
Region with skyscrapers URBANAREA
Remain at one's job STAYON
Rowing exercise targets ABS
Scatters STREWS
See 111 Across ORE
Shakespearean tumult ADO
Shops where you might find many drawers ARTSTORES
Significant injury TRAUMA
Situated above OVER
Slip-___ (shoes) ONS
Small fry TOT
Soccer coach Berhalter GREGG
Source of a package SENDER
Spirited ditty LILT
Sri Lanka's continent ASIA
Sweet jams? LOVESONGS
Tax pro, for short CPA
Three-ft. units YDS
Thurman of Hollywood UMA
Tick off IRK
Tokyo ___ (stadium that hosts the Yomiuri Giants) DOME
Towing letters AAA
Travel aimlessly ROAM
Tread carefully TIPTOE
Violinist Leopold AUER
Web-slinger with long and heavy hair? SPIDERMANE
What a 'brick' may hit RIM
When repeated, cutesy term for a belly TUM
Wife, in Barcelona ESPOSA
With 19 Across, stuff of mine? IRON
Without notice ABRUPTLY
Woman's nickname that drops 'alie' NAT
You're inhaling it AIR
___ de cologne EAU
___ II (razor brand) TRAC
___ power NTH