L.A. Times Daily - Aug 8 2010

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Clues Answers
"Amo, Amas, I Love __" ALASS
"À votre __!" SANTE
"Hurry up!" CMON
"Nope" UHUH
"Of course" YES
"We're finally __ own": "Ohio" lyric ONOUR
"__ Mio" OSOLE
1944 turning point DDAY
1993 survival film ALIVE
Academic MOOT
Agnew's natterers NABOBS
All alternative ANY
An 86-Across may break them up PAIRS
Anglican Church headdress MITRE
Avoids a trial SETTLES
Ban target ODOR
Believe FEEL
Blow away AMAZE
Book between John and Romans ACTS
Bump from behind REAREND
Canine cover ENAMEL
Car allowance, preferred parking, etc. PERKS
Car in a Beach Boys song TBIRD
Car radio feature PRESET
Certain Volkswagen BUS
Choice word ELSE
Clothes dryer, so it's said? SOCKABSORBER
Consequence of a strong punch? SHINER
Croaked RASPED
Cuisine for Babe SLOP
Dagger handle HILT
Direct, as one's future SHAPE
Do a Gap stockroom job? SORTPANTS
Doesn't push, with "on" GOESEASY
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, e.g. MUPPET
Embellish ADORN
Empire State Building style DECO
Equine color ROAN
Excuse ALIBI
FAQ response ANS
Father SIRE
Fifth-century warrior ATTILA
Florist's staple FERN
Found hilarious ROAREDAT
Fraternal group ELKS
Funny Bombeck ERMA
Get affectionate, with "up" COZY
Got off the road, in a way TOWED
Guacamole, for one DIP
Half a quarter? ONEBIT
Has no problems DOESFINE
Horace's "__ Poetica" ARS
Hullabaloo TODO
Iguana pals in Ecuador? TREEAMIGOS
Improvisational style SCAT
Intended MEANT
Is inclined LEANS
It might be verbal ABUSE
Jingled RANG
Latte variant MOCHA
Less restricted FREER
Lightweight umbrellas PARASOLS
Like Romantic music TONAL
Line holder, on a ship CLEAT
Little Richard's Georgia hometown MACON
Made off with the meat? COPPEDSIRLOIN
Mardi Gras accessory bit BEAD
MBA's course ECON
Microwave maker AMANA
Most likable NICEST
Clues Answers
Mythical sorceress MEDEA
National park through which the Virgin River runs ZION
Needle TEASE
Nonwinner ALSORAN
Oak, in a nutshell ACORN
Occupied INUSE
One might be hard to believe TALE
One of the inn crowd LODGER
Online reading material EZINES
Orderly display ARRAY
Out of bed ARISEN
Payment made by hand? ANTE
Peanut product OIL
Permits LETS
Plan a Big Apple heist? CASEMANHATTAN
Playboy bunny and others LOGOS
Political cartoonist Thomas NAST
Portfolio for retirement planning? SAVINGKIT
Possibility OPTION
Put on the market OFFER
Put one over on SNOW
Race official TIMER
Ratched or Houlihan NURSE
Razor brand ATRA
Ready to be driven TEED
Relished ATEUP
Response to being held up, maybe HONK
River to the North Sea YSER
Room in a casa SALA
Salon snafu BADPERM
Santa's reindeer, e.g. TEAM
Scratch (out) EKE
Sediment LEES
Seriously injure MAIM
Shamu's arena? SEASTADIUM
Skinny sort SCRAG
Small 52-Across DUO
Snoozing ADOZE
Soprano Gluck ALMA
Southern collective? YALL
Speaker in the Hall of Fame TRIS
Squirrel (away) SALT
Stow cargo LADE
Subterfuge RUSE
Sweeping EPIC
Téa of "Jurassic Park III" LEONI
The Big __: pitcher Randy Johnson's nickname UNIT
Ticked off SORE
Track circuits LAPS
Trickles OOZES
Twitch SPASM
Tyrolean refrain YODEL
U.S. Treasurer Rosie RIOS
Unit of wound thread SKEIN
Unoccupied IDLE
Unresponsive state COMA
Until UPTO
Unyielding RIGID
Utah airport initials SLC
Victoria's Secret catalog poser BRAMODEL
Want ad abbr. EEO
What Spanish Olympians go for ELORO
What you may do before you weep? READEM
Where "The Nude Maja" hangs PRADO
Where asanas are seen YOGAMATS
Where Mandela was pres. RSA
Windblown AEOLIAN
You might need it when you're flustered AMOMENT
Zilch NIL