Wall Street Journal - Jan 6 2022 - Downpours

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Clues Answers
“I hate the Moor” speaker IAGO
Academy Award category EDITING
Accept LETIN
Ace’s number ERA
Andean camelid VICUNA
App assistance TUTORIAL
Archaic verb ending ETH
Armada de Molucca admiral MAGELLAN
Artemis program org NASA
Avalon producer TOYOTA
Barack Obama, for one ORATOR
Booking figure COP
Boring drill ROTE
Bygone science magazine OMNI
Certain red, for short CAB
Comet competitor AJAX
Consigns to failure DOOMS
Copier setting LEGAL
Crunch in a bowl CAPN
Cuisine at Antoine’s CREOLE
Cut-and-dry spot SALON
Dark purple fruit ACAI
De Armas of “No Time to Die” ANA
Dept. that oversees Pell Grants EDUC
Depth charge targets UBOATS
Develop a rapport GEL
Disney queen with an ice castle ELSA
Does the honors on Thanksgiving CARVES
DuPont creation ORLON
Excessively ALLTOO
First millennium B.C., approximately IRONAGE
First to die ABEL
Flora on the Arizona state quarter SAGUARO
Focus of some labs DNA
Grande with Grammys ARIANA
Had as a goal SHOTFOR
Hartsfield-Jackson’s airport code ATL
Have existence ARE
Clues Answers
Hindu festival of colors HOLI
Instead ELSE
Item in a student’s backpack PENCILCASE
Japanese prime minister who won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1974 SATO
Jour de la Bastille season ETE
Kenobi’s creator LUCAS
L.A. soccer team GALAXY
Leap for Alysa Liu AXEL
Meldable trump in pinochle NINE
Monthly check RENT
Most like Solomon SAGEST
Nagano noodles SOBA
Naval fighter ace Edward OHARE
Newton fraction DYNE
Next in line HEIR
No. on tax forms SSN
Ottoman overseer AGA
Plot line AXIS
Portmanteau food brand OREIDA
Put one’s feet up REST
Runners’ kin AREARUGS
Script direction EXIT
Show signs of aging GOGRAY
Signs simply XES
Socrates subject ETHICS
Some have electric organs EELS
Sparkling AGLITTER
Special gift ESP
Specialized vocabulary ARGOT
Three-part rock opera by Frank Zappa JOESGARAGE
Total doofus NINCOMPOOP
Trials and tribulations ILLS
Understood GOT
Vessel block CLOT
Voice reservations DEMUR
Wasn’t square OWED
What the circles in this puzzle hold WATERFALLS