L.A. Times Daily - Jan 1 2022

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Clues Answers
"My stars!" EGAD
"Sexual Politics" author Millett KATE
"The Phantom Menace" boy ANI
"The Villain in Black" rapper MC __ REN
"To recap ... " INSUM
"Who, me?" WHATDIDO
2.5 miles, at Indy LAP
2000s Red Sox hero, familiarly BIGPAPI
Aid in fixing rough borders EDGETRIM
Amy Klobuchar, for one YALIE
Antedate PRECEDE
Blackened CHARRED
Bread named for how it's baked ASHCAKE
Brought together AMASSED
Building partly burned by Britain in 1814 CAPITOL
Cause to race GUN
Chorus of approval AMENS
Conceives IDEATES
Connection point NODE
Crew implement OAR
Dance step PAS
Dickered HAGGLED
Dmitri Mendeleev, religiously DEIST
DOL watchdog OSHA
Drawing game KENO
Elgort of "The Fault in Our Stars" ANSEL
Fairy-tale disruption PEA
Figurehead?: Abbr CPA
Former CNN journalist David ENSOR
Galvanized AROUSED
Get hooked? HANG
Gig gear AMP
Gracefully exits BOWSOUT
Hill assistant AIDE
Inlet, to the sea ARM
Iran, for one ISLAMICSTATE
Island in a popular board game CATAN
It accounts for about 7% of all printed English words THE
Clues Answers
It may be plucked on a beach UKE
Japanese art piece that symbolizes good fortune and longevity ORIGAMICRANE
Jazz great Puente TITO
John in court, maybe DOE
Last part BACKEND
Law school course ETHICS
Little one TOT
Madeleine or Napoleon DESSERT
Maintained UPHELD
Much-photographed event TOTALECLIPSE
Offer not seen by competitors BLINDBID
Over the moon HAPPYASACLAM
Papyrus plants, e.g SEDGES
Parking __ LOT
Permanent marker? TATTOOARTIST
Photo-sharing app, for short INSTA
Pinches together CRIMPS
Placing in direct competition PITTING
Program resource HELPMENU
Provocative opinion HOTTAKE
Snowball pile, say AMMO
Soap Box Derby entrant GOCART
Some contests MEETS
Son of Akhenaten TUT
Sound of alarm GASP
Talking stuffed bear in a 2012 film TED
Tangents ASIDES
Triangular pelvic bones SACRA
Unleashes SICS
Vader underling STORMTROOPER
Wall St. asset MBA
Witness to a delivery, often DAD
Women's Rights Project org ACLU
__ Age: post-Civil War period GILDED
__ Tour PGA