The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 2036

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Clues Answers
A cereal and fruit ACORN
Ace air cadets, possibly circling island and body of water adriatic sea
Attraction leads to great, long-lasting romance GLAMOUR
Cold space, we’re told RHEUM
Current politician played a role and had influence IMPACTED
Demanding part of process consumes energy STEEP
Extremely reclusive mammal is close again RESEAL
Get out of the way of a vacuum AVOID
Go and settle around California golden state
Group boycotted on the radio BAND
Happy nurse, say, almost off duty CAREFREE
Huge salaries ultimately swallowed up by tax VAST
Clues Answers
In the end, directors snub Italian females SIGNORE
It's a very odd location to store your clothes VESTIARY
March taking place in Pride month DEMO
Not looking forward to days studying DREADING
One advising me to start to relax around noon MENTOR
Papers maybe left alongside entrance to executive lounge IDLE
Pose as one individual in couple IMPERSONATE
Quashes issue from a previous relationship? STEPSON
Rickety train touring a European city TIRANA
Rucksack carried by climber, generally BERGEN
Smooth emerald isn’t warped STREAMLINED
Tears flowing about man and woman THERESA