Wall Street Journal - Dec 27 2021 - Auto Suggestion

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Clues Answers
“Ali ___ and the Forty Thieves” BABA
“It ___ my fault!” WASNT
“La ___ Vita” (Fellini film) DOLCE
“Let me go next!” MYTURN
“Mamma Mia” group ABBA
*City near Blarney Castle CORKIRELAND
*Drink with tapioca pearls BUBBLETEA
*Large lump sums due at the end of loan agreements BALLOONPAYMENTS
*Strapless handbag CLUTCHPURSE
Altar location APSE
Amanda Gorman, for one POET
Angry cat’s sound HISS
Attorney’s field LAW
Avocado dip, informally GUAC
Barrel builder COOPER
Begin a train trip BOARD
Beneficiary of will power? HEIR
California wine region NAPA
Carrier to Israel ELAL
Catch sight of ESPY
Celebrity chef Garten INA
Cherry or chestnut TREE
Colorado ski resort ASPEN
Daughters’ brothers SONS
Destination for relaxation SPA
Districts AREAS
Earthbound Australian bird EMU
Excludes OMITS
Fashion designer Fisher EILEEN
Fit-fiddle link ASA
Fury IRE
Genuine REAL
Gold, in Guatemala ORO
Govt. org. with many cryptologists NSA
Hang, as a picture PUTUP
Helper: Abbr ASST
Hunger indication PANG
Impromptu ADHOC
Incredibly cool EPIC
Clues Answers
Irrelevant no. for an electric car MPG
It smells NOSE
Man of a manor LORD
Manual work LABOR
Medium of web pages HTML
Musical work OPUS
Observe Yom Kippur ATONE
One of 24 in the chest RIB
One of us YOU
One-on-one educator TUTOR
Particle with a charge ION
Peacock comedy about a high school science class APBIO
Poker prices ANTES
Poker prizes POTS
Popular cookie OREO
Pro wrestler Flair RIC
Pursuit for Harry Styles, post-One Direction SOLOCAREER
Quarterback Manning ELI
Quieter alternative to “Hey!” PSST
Request to a convertible driver, and a hint to the starred answers POPTHETOP
Ruckus STIR
Sinus dr ENT
Skin breather PORE
Space Invaders company ATARI
Streaming music predecessors CDS
Summer getaway for some kids CAMP
Teeny tiny ATOMIC
Tennis great Arthur ASHE
Town crier’s cry HEARYE
Track competitions MEETS
Tune played at military funerals TAPS
TV viewers follow them STORYLINES
Ultimate LAST
Unhelpful response to “You’re muted” AMI
Use salty language CURSE
Use the rink SKATE
Vegetable in a pod PEA
Vintner’s harvest GRAPES
Word repeated after “Que” in a Doris Day song SERA