Universal - Dec 23 2021

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Clues Answers
"Gangnam Style" rapper PSY
"Losing My Religion" band REM
"That was too close!" WHEW
"The Very Hungry Caterpillar" author Eric CARLE
"___ the deal ..." HERES
"___ will be done" THY
*Cheetah actress in "Wonder Woman 1984" KRISTENWIIG
*Console for a 2008 "Mario Kart" game NINTENDOWII
*Super-G activity at the Winter Olympics ALPINESKIING
0-shaped OVAL
A gentleman and a ___ SCHOLAR
Assorted VARIOUS
Big rig SEMI
Bit of parsley SPRIG
Bride-to-be's last words IDO
Canine meme that inspired a cryptocurrency DOGE
Charge 50% rent after a midmonth move-in, say PRORATE
Chimp, e.g APE
Chips, for a sandwich SIDE
Comfort EASE
Common profession before baby formula was invented WETNURSE
Cry after evening the score? ITSATIE
Daily Planet reporter Clark KENT
Daniel who played Bond CRAIG
Favoritism BIAS
Feline zodiac sign LEO
Fourth-largest Great Lake ERIE
Free (of) RID
Greek H ETA
Gritty film genre NOIR
Had a hero, say ATE
Hagen of Broadway fame UTA
Hand tool in a magic show SAW
Holiday cookie house brand OREO
Home Depot competitor LOWES
Hopper Down Under ROO
Horse of yore STEED
Inapt anagram of "untie" UNITE
Clues Answers
It's thicker than sap RESIN
It's visible when you say "Ahh" UVULA
Married women, in Mexico SENORAS
Marshmallowy Easter candies PEEPS
Milk, cheese, etc DAIRY
Motel room or condo UNIT
Multipart boxing moves, or a hint to three vowels in each starred clue's answer ONETWOCOMBOS
Murphy's ___ LAW
New chow PUP
Nocturnal birds OWLS
Nut that may be candied PECAN
Of unknown name: Abbr ANON
Off-kilter ASKEW
Oscar winner Sarandon SUSAN
Otherwise ELSE
Panache ELAN
Part of Shazam's costume CAPE
Play again, as a role REPRISE
Pole position? SOUTH
Popular sans serif typeface ARIAL
Pretend to be ACT
Rocketry org NASA
Sandwich filling with mayonnaise EGGSALAD
Screenwriter Ephron NORA
Serving of corn EAR
She lived in Eden EVE
Spaghetti sauce herb OREGANO
Sphere used for breaking CUEBALL
Strong wind GALE
Trumpets and others HORNS
Turn, as a cap TWIST
Uncommon jewel RAREGEM
Up and ___ (no longer in bed) ABOUT
Vain person's problem EGO
Wily SLY
Writing-heavy exam format ESSAY
Zoom call hiccup LAG