Canadiana - Dec 20 2021

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Clues Answers
Anger IRE
Asian nation OMAN
At all times EVER
Automatic weapon STEN
Berton book KLONDIKE
Berton book VIMY
Berton's The Last _____ SPIKE
Berton's The Mysterious______ NORTH
Berton's The National _____ DREAM
Berton's The _____ of Canada INVASION
Berton's The _____ Years DIONNE
Black and white gull COB
Body builder's concern PECS
Bon ____ MOT
Bread genre RYE
Bulb brand NOMA
Bundle BALE
By way of VIA
Charge AGIO
Cowboy competition RODEO
Desire URGE
Destroy, slangily NUKE
Dictator Amin IDI
Divinity GOD
Dutch cheese EDAM
Film rating ASA
Finished DONE
Flight plan acronym ETA
Foot part TOE
Friend PAL
Friends in Francoeur AMIS
Giant OGRE
Hanker ITCH
Hotel INN
Clues Answers
Jewish cleric RABI
Leisure EASE
Male child SON
Masonry STONE
Metric weights KGS
More than satisfactory GOOD
Morph or scope preceder ENDO
Municipal official REEVE
Outdoorsman's veh ATV
Pass away DIE
Platter DISC
Printer's concern EMS
Relatives KIN
Request ASK
Requiem DIRGE
Scandinavian toast SKOL
Sea eagle ERNE
Sleigh SLED
Small amount TAD
Smell, in a way ODOR
South Pacific island SAMOA
Spoken ORAL
Stitched BASTED
Storekeeper's org RMA
Tardy LATE
Tears RIPS
Trench MOAT
Trotsky, for one LEON
Weir concern PAR
With 48 Down, adolescent AGER
With 14 Across, adolescent TEEN
_____Mater ALMA