Family Time - Dec 19 2021

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Clues Answers
"I can predict the future" letters ESP
"___ all work out in the end" ITLL
36-Across for your SUV MPH
A jeans brand LEE
About three or four (2 words) AFEW
Absolutely crushes, as a baseball SWATS
Adam worked there EDEN
All living people have one PULSE
Answerer of prayers LORD
Be James Bond, right now ACT
Bush relative SHRUB
Class with much figuring MATH
Do it to make a curvy spoon BEND
Do this after saying "Excuse me, teacher" ASK
Einstein's "m" MASS
English county KENT
Gather information by snooping SPY
Grate expectations? ASH
Had liverwurst ATE
Hairstyle that's big and round AFRO
Have dinner SUP
He floored Foreman ALI
Hidden reserve STASH
Horse, to poets of old STEED
Important part of a PC CPU
It can hold turkey, yams and all the dishes TABLE
Just lazily hangs around LOLLS
Land formations that are flat on top MESAS
Lingering trace of a shout ECHO
Lodging for travelers INN
Macaroni go with, sometimes (2 words) CHEDDARCHEESE
Mama's dude in the den with his feet up PAPA
Clues Answers
Mo. for cooler temps SEPT
Neck of the woods AREA
Not that THIS
Number on a jacket on a rack COST
One way to cook onions SAUTE
P, to Greeks RHO
Person born in Davenport IOWAN
Place a wager BET
Place for a holster HIP
Police officer COP
Popular plant for landscapers HOSTA
Propeller that's safe to handle OAR
Rebounds or yards per catch, for example STAT
Sailing on the Indian Ocean? (2 words) ATSEA
Sajak's spinner WHEEL
Sleep stage abbr REM
Some U.S. securities (2 words) TREASURYBILLS
Sound from a kitten MEW
Suffix fit for Guinness World Records EST
Take a break from doing STOP
The dude in the T-shirt and khakis HIM
Thing between left and right rooms HALL
Uncommon milk supplier EWE
Uses one's peripheral vision SEES
Walks through the beginning of a river WADES
What a knockout punch knocks into you SENSELESSNESS
What a really bad tooth may do ACHE
What to do if you didn't mean to undo REDO
Witnessed SAW
Worker of a mouse and keyboard USER
Your stuff thrown all over the place MESS
Your toothpaste is in it TUBE