L.A. Times Daily - Dec 19 2021

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Clues Answers
"Best ever" acronym GOAT
"Ciao!" SEEYA
"No big deal" MEH
"That's unfortunate" TSK
Adverb for Descartes ERGO
Allows access LETSIN
Allows access, poetically OPES
Altered the revealing side of a dress? MADEASLITADJUSTMENT
Amsterdam's Anne Frank House, e.g MUSEUM
Android alternative IOS
Bay of Bengal's ocean INDIAN
Biological quintet SENSES
Bismarck-to-Tucson dir SSW
Brunch fare OMELETS
Brutus Buckeye is its mascot: Abbr OSU
Buffalo QB Josh ALLEN
Bygone fruit spray ALAR
Bygone geopolitical abbr SSR
Caesar's penultimate words ETTU
Capital of Yemen SANAA
Chicago pizzeria franchise, familiarly UNOS
Chopped liver purveyor DELI
Clog (up) STOP
Come across MEET
Common ID SSN
Congo line? EQUATOR
Cosa __ NOSTRA
Course goal for many PAR
Cupid analog EROS
Currency of 30-Across RIAL
Dedicated verse ODE
Dieters' interim report on smaller-sized clothes? WEHAVEJUSTBEGUNTOFIT
Diner counter array STOOLS
Director Kazan ELIA
Disagreeable ORNERY
Distant ALOOF
Dresden "Drat!" ACH
Earth goddess GAEA
Engenders BEGETS
Enjoy the kiddie pool WADE
Evaluate ASSAY
Female driver Ortiz of "Fast & Furious" films Letty
Genesis casualty ABEL
Go back REVERT
Gold in La Paz ORO
Harsh-smelling ACRID
Hook partner JAB
Hotel bed request TWIN
Hotel selection ROOMS
In the distant past ONCE
Intrinsically PERSE
IRS option EFILE
Journalist Hemingway's assignment WAR
Kitchen gadget PEELER
Lead off GOFIRST
Like the lower half of the Polish flag RED
Like zebras and donkeys EQUINE
Little ones TOTS
Longtime TV host who gives automotive advice in "Popular Mechanics" LENO
Made an official choice VOTED
Madonna companion, in much art ANGEL
Major appliances OVENS
Make a face, perhaps SCULPT
Marquee names STARS
Mazda two-seater MIATA
Clues Answers
Members of the genus Vipera ADDERS
Meteorological lines ISOBARS
Missouri River city OMAHA
More amiable NICER
More than cold NUMB
Mortar partner PESTLE
Network for film buffs TCM
NL West team PADRES
Notebook type SPIRAL
Official note from the boss FORMALMEMO
Offshore retreat for comedians? THEISLEOFWIT
Oft-corked container JUG
Onomatopoeic rapping RATATATTAT
Ordinal for Uranus SEVENTH
Out of the loop UNAWARE
PC shortcut key ALT
Pic, in Peru FOTO
Plants with flavorful and irritating varieties SUMACS
Police force acronym SWAT
Pot boiler in "Macbeth" CRONE
Prison with a Greek eponym ATTICA
Put away EAT
Put on display, with "out" TROTTED
Quaint word of revulsion FIE
Query to a U.K.-focused think tank? GOTANYMOREBRITIDEAS
Remove, as a knot UNTIE
Rookie TYRO
Rutgers URL ending EDU
Sam-I-Am offering HAM
Sammie with crunch BLT
Saves, with "away" SOCKS
Sch. near Providence URI
Security source SAFE
Shiraz's country IRAN
Siblings who produce court orders? WRITBROTHERS
Simon who played Scotty in 2009's "Star Trek" PEGG
Singer DiFranco ANI
Something taken on a bus SEAT
Sound system STEREO
South Asian lentil dish DAL
Spectrum maker PRISM
Sreenivasan of PBS News HARI
Summer at the Sorbonne ETE
Sweaters in King Arthur's court? KNITSOFTHEROUNDTABLE
Swindle ROOK
Tab on old cash registers NOSALE
Tarkington tween PENROD
Term starter MID
Texter's letters for two cents? IMO
The VW Amarok, e.g UTE
They know their stuff SAVANTS
Thing thrown from a tree? SHADOW
Transfer point NODE
Tusked beast BOAR
Twenty quires REAM
Unicellular alga DIATOM
Utah ski resort ALTA
Valley with vintners NAPA
Venue for the premiere of Handel's "Water Music" THAMES
Wears down ABRADES
What beaux do WOO
Won all the games SWEPT
Word on old tablets SHALT
Work with pupils TEACH
Worshipper ADORER
__ Arc, Arkansas DES
__ fresca: pico de gallo SALSA
__ pin: metal fastener COTTER