The Washington Post Sunday - Dec 19 2021

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Clues Answers
'Ah, that makes sense' OHISEE
'Downton Abbey' Emmy winner Maggie SMITH
'Drive' band, aptly THECARS
'Let's keep that under wraps' ITLLBEOURLITTLESECRET
'Oh. My. God.' IMSTUNNED
'Original' thing of Christian doctrine SIN
'The Beguiled' director Coppola SOFIA
'The Kiss' composer SMETANA
'The X-Files' star Duchovny DAVID
'Turn Back the Hands of Time' singer Davis TYRONE
'Zorba the Greek' actress Papas IRENE
1998 Wimbledon champion Jana NOVOTNA
2012 Paul Thomas Anderson film about a cult leader THEMASTER
About, on a memo INRE
Account holder? STORYTELLER
Actor Kenneth who directed 'Thor' BRANAGH
Animal tending to pups OTTER
Aperture providing a discreet view of who's outside your door SPYHOLE
App setting? MENU
Arrivals ADVENTS
Bar order in a 20-ounce glass, say TALLONE
Black rings, often TIRES
Bob's business? SALON
Brings back to reality WAKES
Buffoonish sort TWIT
Bustle, to the Bard ADO
Card game where cheating is expected MONTE
Chaotic row MELEE
Component of world-building, in fantasy fiction LORE
Containers with crusts PIEPANS
Covered area in a monastery CLOISTER
Covers with black liquid TARS
Crash remedy, perhaps RESTART
Curfew setter, maybe MOM
Draw on squares STALEMATE
Far from lax ANAL
Feeling for a poor soul PITY
Feeling the effects of a bad trip on Amtrak, say TRAINSICK
Flash ___ (sudden public performances) MOBS
Former Apple instant-messaging program ICHAT
Fu ___ (mustache) MANCHU
Gaits at a horse track TROTS
Garden mentioned in certain verses EDEN
Goes through cycles of weight fluctuation YOYODIETS
Gold medal-winning ice dancing partner of Tessa Virtue SCOTTMOIR
Guthrie Center founder Guthrie ARLO
Hairstyle that's 'a way to fight the status quo without saying a word,' per the writer Princess Gabbara AFRO
Hardship antonym EASE
Imperial ___ (strong, dark beer) STOUT
Instrument played by Anoushka Shankar SITAR
Issuer of phone lines? SIRI
It may have many laps RACE
It's 10 spaces before Free Parking JAIL
Like drakes and drones MALE
Like some lower regions NETHER
Line of revision EDIT
Make fizzy AERATE
Maker of Perfect Portions cat food IAMS
Making an impression, in a way STAMPING
Clues Answers
Medieval copiers SCRIBES
Medieval helmet that sounds like where a newborn sleeps BASINET
Miss Trueheart played by Glenne Headly in 'Dick Tracy' TESS
Morrison-Clark Historic ___ and Restaurant (D.C. locale included among the Historic Hotels of America) INN
Mule's father ASS
Negates a deletion, in proofreading STETS
Not recognizable by ALIENTO
Obeys a yellow light SLOWS
Oft-scaled rock formation at Yosemite ELCAPITAN
Old coin-op restaurant AUTOMAT
Old device for watching 'JFK' or 'UHF,' say VCR
Orgs. participating in School of Excellence programs PTAS
Orioles might sit atop it, briefly ALEAST
Out at night, maybe? INBED
Parallel planes in science fiction ALTERNATEUNIVERSES
People who attended rituals performed by nonbinary shamans known as quariwarmi INCAS
Pitch-tracking device RADAR
Plants with spiny leaves ALOES
Pop music family that released a Christmas album in 1976 OSMONDS
Prescription for treating sleep deprivation AMBIEN
Principal Skinner's first name SEYMOUR
Rainforest greenery VINES
Relief during hard times SOLACE
Rupert who played Ron Weasley GRINT
Savings plan that may involve tax-deductible contributions IRA
Sch. where some 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' scenes were filmed UCLA
Scoffing smile SNEER
See 41 Across SALES
Seriously funny show? DRAMEDY
Setting of Lene Gammelgaard's book 'Climbing High' EVEREST
Sheltered, on the ocean ALEE
Shinto structures near torii gates SHRINES
Singsong syllables TRALALA
Small business bigwig OWNER
Some bread roll shapes OVALS
Some wedding reception accessories TIES
Source of ancient dialogues PLATO
Sources of hits RADIOS
Spooky synonym for a manta ray SEADEVIL
Starting a new life? GIVINGBIRTH
Swingers with long tails SPIDERMONKEYS
Tennis star whose name is a homophone of a gray shade ASHE
They can be caused by submarine landslides TSUNAMIS
Tissue-taker's noise ACHOO
Torment persistently EATAT
Torment persistently HARASS
Typical AP exam taker TEEN
Upper-arm muscles, briefly BIS
Warning sign in a studio ONAIR
What an NFL team with the No. 1 draft pick piled up during the previous season LOSSES
What Michael Darling wears in 'Peter Pan' PAJAMAS
What's produced on scoreboards during shutouts GOOSEEGGS
Wild prairie ___ (state flower of North Dakota) ROSE
With 40 Down, total revenue after subtracting allowances, discounts and returns NET
Zero-to-hero character, in film tropes DWEEB
___ Dog Museum (attraction in Odate, Japan) AKITA
___ Labaki, first female Arab director to be nominated for an Oscar for best foreign language film NADINE
___ Luís, Brazil SAO
___ management WASTE
___ over (helped through difficult times) TIDED
___ yoga HATHA
___/her pronouns SHE