USA Today - Jan 17 2022

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Clues Answers
'Hooray!' YAY
'Talk to you later' BYE
'That was close!' PHEW
'The Wiz' star Ross DIANA
'This is so relaxing!' AHH
'To clarify . . .' IMEAN
'You've gotta be kidding me' YEESH
'___ Matters' (Cornel West book) RACE
'___ the Thick of It' ('The Backyardigans' song) INTO
Arrived in time for MADE
Author bandele ASHA
Become part of JOIN
Big jumps LEAPS
Big tech company IBM
Bills also called singles ONES
Bit of parsley SPRIG
Break an undefeated streak LOSE
British baker Berry MARY
C.R. Patterson & ___ (early automaker) SONS
Clarinetist's need REED
Criticism FLAK
Dialect group spoken in China's capital BEIJINGMANDARIN
Diminishes gradually EBBS
Does the wrong thing ERRS
English class assignment ESSAY
Enthusiastic review RAVE
Etching and embroidery, for example ARTS
Feeling sore ACHY
Fiftieth element TIN
Foam toy brand NERF
Gemstone imperfection FLAW
Harlem Globetrotters icon MEADOWLARKLEMON
Have the same opinion AGREE
High-pitched bark YAP
Holiday after Ramadan EID
Honeymoon, for example TRIP
Ibiza o Mallorca ISLA
Intro to a hot take IMO
Clues Answers
Laundry day unit LOAD
Left-hander SOUTHPAW
Long who acted in 'Boyz n the Hood' NIA
Loud commotion DIN
Meat in a BLT BACON
Misery WOE
Miso or ngapi PASTE
Never have I ___ EVER
No, in Russia NYET
Notion IDEA
Prefix for 'perspirant' ANTI
Prefix meaning 'small' MICRO
Process that might involve gerrymandering REMAP
Proof of ownership DEED
Question from someone writing a check WHATSTODAYSDATE
Random acts of ___ KINDNESS
Recently purchased NEW
Rounded part of a building DOME
Salad or fries SIDE
Siberia's continent ASIA
Silent assent NOD
Snack for a panda LEAF
Sound from a leaky faucet DRIP
Surrounded by AMID
Synth with a shoulder strap KEYTAR
The Uncompahgre band, etc UTES
Tooth covering ENAMEL
Tree susceptible to DED ELM
Tree used to make archery bows YEW
Understand GET
Unit equivalent to 43,560 square feet ACRE
Unoccupied job positions OPENINGS
Unproductive period DRYSPELL
Use a trowel DIG
Wear and ___ TEAR
When necessary ASNEEDED
Windows to the soul, they say EYES
___ Ness monster LOCH
___/her SHE