L.A. Times Daily - Dec 16 2021

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Clues Answers
"She's a Lady" songwriter ANKA
"Who __?!": "Join the club!" HASNT
"__ Shanter": Burns poem TAMO
1996 Demi Moore film ... and a hint to how four puzzle answers were created STRIPTEASE
Accords PACTS
Artist Matisse HENRI
Beasts of burden ASSES
Becomes aware of SENSES
Bizet's "Habanera," e.g ARIA
Bridge along the Arno PONTE
Bring up REAR
British WWII gun STEN
Carol Burnett, at the end of an episode? EARJERKER
China's Zhou __ ENLAI
Coffee asset AROMA
Comedy club hit RIOT
Corp. money manager CFO
Cry of success IWIN
Dance movement STEP
Deceptions RUSES
Diligence CARE
Errors, say STAT
Explanation ACCOUNT
Field unit ACRE
Financial statement items DEBTS
First killer whale to perform with a human NAMU
First name in old horror films BELA
Floral necklaces LEIS
Food package amt NTWT
For dieters, in ads LOFAT
Goddess usually depicted holding an ankh ISIS
Golf lesson topic STANCE
Half a sawbuck ABE
Half a sex-ed metaphor, with "the" BEES
Ice cream purchase ONEPINT
Indication that the coffee is ready? URNSIGNAL
Irving Berlin's "Blue __" SKIES
Clues Answers
Is, once WAS
Like C's, in some cases SOSO
Like some online purchases INAPP
Main line AORTA
Manipulative sort USER
NBA commissioner Silver ADAM
Olympics fencing event EPEE
One in a large octet PLANET
One way to go to a party STAG
Online biz ETAIL
Palindromic title MAAM
Parts of cloverleafs ONRAMPS
PC connections DSLS
Polished orator? ABLETALKER
Probe that visited Jupiter GALILEO
Put on HIRE
Ran into MET
Regret the choice of wall paint color? RUEBLUE
Senior __ PROM
Serious wound GASH
Sign of early spring ARIES
Signs of crowd displeasure JEERS
Skiff movers OARS
Small case ETUI
Southernmost of the Southeast's Sea Islands AMELIA
Start to freeze? ANTI
Stately trees ELMS
Steak __ DIANE
Steaming IRATE
Suit, so to speak EXEC
System of shorthand GREGG
They may be manicured LAWNS
They're earned at U's DEGS
Trade show EXPO
Warm the bench SIT
Yokum cartoonist CAPP
Zugspitze, e.g ALP
__ fail EPIC