Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Dec 31 2021

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Clues Answers
"Arrivederci!" CIAO
"Certainly!" YES
"Legally Blonde" role ELLE
"NFL Live" channel ESPN
Actor Vigoda ABE
Actress Lena OLIN
Actress Vardalos NIA
Ballet wear TUTU
Bangkok cuisine THAI
Banister RAIL
Before ERE
Beyond (Pref.) META
Bloke GENT
Carton sealer TAPE
Cold War initials USSR
Combine MERGE
Contented sounds AAHS
Cravat TIE
Despot TSAR
Diminutive suffix ETTE
Discussion bans GAGRULES
Dried grape RAISIN
Dyeing art BATIK
Electromagnetic radiation GAMMARAY
Foundered SANK
Greek vowels ETAS
Grieve MOURN
Hexagonal state UTAH
Hits the jackpot GETSRICH
In the style of ALA
Initial chip ANTE
Clues Answers
Inventor Whitney ELI
Jo's sister MEG
Jug handles EARS
Kitchen cooker GASRANGE
Knocks RAPS
Less wordy TERSER
Male red deer HART
Mattress brand SERTA
Pirate's drink GROG
Pleads BEGS
Prefix with byte TERA
Rani's wrap SARI
Reed instrument OBOE
Reply (Abbr.) ANS
Ripped TORE
Sailor GOB
Sailor's chart MAP
Sand unit GRAIN
Simple MERE
Snare TRAP
Station DEPOT
Stir up ROIL
The Magic, on scoreboards ORL
Theater worker USHER
Titled women DAMES
Urban haze SMOG
Verb for you ARE
— avis RARA
— Major URSA
— Moines DES
— noire BETE