Boston Globe - Aug 1 2010

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Clues Answers
'Casablanca' gin joint RICKS
'Hitch Hike' singer GAYE
'I pity the fool' sayer MRT
'Jabberwocky' opener TWAS
'Lord Jim' novelist CONRAD
'No seats left' SRO
'Stoned Soul Picnic' songwriter NYRO
... and their home NEST
A Heep of badness URIAH
Alien head shape CONE
Alley yowler TOMCAT
Archaically bonked SMOTE
Arledge of ABC ROONE
Balloons SWELLS
Beck's surname HANSEN
Bit of a fight SPAT
Bloom like a daisy ASTER
Booker T's boys MGS
Booster at the ballfield FAN
Booster on stage AMP
Bowler and beaver HATS
Boxes for moving behemoths? HIPPOCRATES
Bret who wrote HARTE
Brit form of chum MATEY
By the book LAWFUL
Capital on a fjord OSLO
Capsize FLIP
Caudal motion WAG
Certain soldiers... ANTS
Change for a five ONES
Charge BILL
Charmed by a witch HEXED
Cheers for the tavern keeper? INNOVATIONS
Choice, as a morsel DAINTY
Cntry.-wide NATL
Coin with a polar bear TOONIE
Cold War letters USSR
Cushions for the bum? REARRESTS
Democracy users VOTERS
Dept. of Labor arm OSHA
Did a time trial RACED
Do book work EDIT
Early Dustin role RATSO
Elbow-bender SOT
Eulogy content PRAISE
European summits ALPS
Fairly wild party ORGY
Fairway choice IRON
Fang delivery VENOM
Fella GUY
Figure on tens HAMILTON
Flush, or drunk LOADED
For-fun diversions PASTIMES
Geneticist favored by Stalin LYSENKO
Goofs as a pitcher BALKS
Group on a drive HERD
Guy in scuba gear? DIVERGENT
Home of the Chargers SANDIEGO
In a miniature form DWARF
In-the-red emotion RAGE
Insider info ARCANA
Isle off Venezuela ARUBA
Italian fashion line ARMANI
Ivanovic of tennis ANA
Josh on 'The West Wing' LYMAN
Keats inspirer URN
Lacking luster MATTE
Leading man? ADAM
Least apt to bite TAMEST
Like a zany MANIC
List of goofs ERRATA
Clues Answers
List-ending abbr. ETAL
Lopsided victory ROUT
Lower in the field DAIRYCOW
Lubed shaft AXLE
Made out PETTED
Make light humor? PUNGENTLY
Malady that passes fast? CURTAILMENT
Man of passing fame FAVRE
Mauer and Morneau TWINS
Maze sign ENTER
Mighty clashes WARS
More reasonable SANER
Mutate ALTER
Mythical place of the dead EREBUS
Not unlikely APT
Notorious bovine owner OLEARY
Ocean giant ORCA
Odic preposition ERE
Old-style 'gladly' LIEF
One of twelve grinders MOLAR
One of zealous virtue DOGOODER
One that eats shoots and leaves PANDA
Org. for slap-shooters NHL
Paid, with 'up' PONIED
Parisian positives OUIS
Phylicia on stage RASHAD
Pie Pageant winner? MISSTARTS
Place to tee a golf ball? FORESTATION
Poppy-sap drug OPIATE
Precursor of Nadia OLGA
Prefix meaning 'wine' OENO
Progeny unlike its parent LARVA
Put on notice WARN
Rife, slangily LOUSY
Roadie's stuff GEAR
Round Table runt? WEEKNIGHT
Rugby kicking play SCRUM
Run like an engine WHIR
Samara dropper MAPLE
Selected course ROUTE
Showing chutzpah NERVY
Siamang or gibbon APE
Single-channel MONO
Small dam WEIR
Solar-lunar calendar discrepancy EPACT
Some Raggedy dolls ANNS
Something pitched CAMP
Sound-studio versions MIXES
Spin on skates CAMEL
Spoilage tip-off ODOR
Stand-up guy? COMIC
Start of a 'shoppe' name YEOLDE
Stat for a hurler ERA
Strung together INAROW
Succotash beans LIMAS
Sudden distress PANG
Texas dance move TWOSTEP
The O.K., e.g. CORRAL
Toiling or bickering ATIT
Touched down ALIT
Type of golf DISC
Underground NETHER
Ungreat for grazing ARID
Ways across town TAXIS
West Texas current PECOS
What spurs madmen? LOCOMOTIVES
Wigs for ad hoc occasions? TEMPTRESSES
Zoologist Fossey DIAN
__ Beach, Florida VERO
__ Schwarz of toys FAO