Family Time - Dec 6 2021

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Clues Answers
'' Tell me more... (2 words) GOON
''Easy - it'' linking word DOES
''Now, what ___ can I play with?'' ELSE
''Plus, on top of that'' alternative ALSO
''See my tonsils doctor?'' AAH
A star ejecting its material NOVA
All out of whack ASKEW
Any long colossal film EPIC
Any wading boot or galosh OVERSHOE
Begin to drop off in intensity or power WANE
Bent-metal-rod shape ARC
Break these and you face jail LAWS
Breathes in too much pepper SNEEZES
Casual headwear unit CAP
Common deli sandwich BLT
Cruiser (2 words) POLICECAR
Did a household plant chore WATERED
European car that sounds like a gem OPEL
Event created by Jesus MIRACLE
Food for a furnace COAL
From whence heat can enter your room VENT
Has a different opinion than yours DISAGREES
Hath, 600 years later HAS
Indian city of 1.7 million AGRA
Indoor light provider LAMP
It may have a Q-Tip tip SWAB
It's motto was once ''The Real Thing'' (2 words) COCACOLA
Kind of bean or horse PINTO
Mr. Williams or Mr. Koppel TED
Musical term meaning silence TACET
Mutation item GENE
Clues Answers
Name on many thesaurus books ROGET
Observe through a telescope VIEW
One barbell-laden lunge REP
One of the Rambo films III
Part of your foot SOLE
Phrase before carte or mode ALA
Place to tie up your boat DOCK
Play breaks in grade school RECESSES
Prefix with appear or cover DIS
Prepare to shoot from 100 yards away AIM
Puts in a few dashes of sugar SWEETENS
Receives, as a present GETS
Round bread that can open into a pocket PITA
Seating sections in huge stadiums ROWS
Shaped like a skinny pear OVAL
Shoot with a 50s' ray gun ZAP
Some beautiful shady trees ELMS
Source of ankle-level heat BASEBOARD
Straightforward or ready for customers OPEN
Streaming alternative DVD
Successfully use binoculars SEE
Tac and Toe's buddy TIC
Throws in, as extra stuff ADDS
Transporter that's best when going downhill SLED
Type of on-site measure? TAPE
What a watched watch is TIMEPIECE
What greedy people always want MORE
What you should call the top man SIR
What your story about winning Olympic gold is LIE
Witnesses verb-ally? NOTICES
Word in millions of titles THE