Family Time - Dec 5 2021

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Clues Answers
''... but there's more'' ALSO
''I knew it! It is you!'' AHA
''Well now, there's another side to this'' BUT
A long one is 2,240 pounds TON
A thing you earn in college CREDIT
Able to move around, as a PC PORTABLE
Address for that mister SIR
All of dad's boys SONS
All the play people CAST
Almost at voting age SEVENTEEN
Attacked from all sides BESET
Belonging to me, you and your pet squirrel OUR
Big massive semis RIGS
Cherishes as sacred ENSHRINES
Common office machines COPIERS
Consult, as a doctor SEE
Create characters on a screen TYPE
Criticize way harshly RIP
Daffy or eccentric DITSY
Drop a glass from the third floor SHATTER
Drove like your trunk was on fire SPED
Enjoyed miniature doughnuts ATE
Entrance to a gold mine ADIT
Female with an egg HEN
General location AREA
Give the surprise ending away RUIN
Harsh, dry, cold wind blowing from the north BORA
Horrible smell ODOR
Huge, cold shipping hazards ICEBERGS
Immerse in sauce DIP
It beats a king with one pip ACE
Clues Answers
It can lead to brilliant things IDEA
Like a great story told on 850 pages EPIC
Like aching joints SORE
List of all the boxers boxing tonight SLATE
Machine readable form of a novel (2 words) SOFTCOPY
One of the five Great Lakes ERIE
One word from Jack's giant FIE
Ownership papers for your house DEED
Part of an apple CORE
Person born in Manila FILIPINO
Person to hang out with PAL
Person upholding the law COP
Person your age and in your class PEER
Place for the historical Helen TROY
Practiced before performances REHEARSED
Precious DEAR
Pulled in, as nontaxable money NETTED
Put to work USE
Reason to think you might have the measles ITCH
Room over a bedroom, commonly ATTIC
Run like a lazy horse LOPE
Santa ___ (West Coast city) ANA
Saturn's second largest satellite RHEA
School section where kids are be-trayed? CAFETERIA
Stand to stand behind and yap it up DAIS
Sword that's not dangerous EPEE
The same cap in every single color SET
Try to scare the other drag race driver REV
Two words after get, working or step ONIT
What you could do to cabbage or office papers SHRED
Yaks live there TIBET