Wall Street Journal - Dec 4 2021 - Ill-Advised

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Clues Answers
“A Bar at the Folies-Bergère” painter MANET
“Boys Don’t Cry” subject Brandon TEENA
“Final notice from the IRS,” often ROBOCALL
“I’ll second that!” AMEN
“Out with it!” SPEAK
“Please don’t remind me!” IKNOWIKNOW
“Right, I’m on it” OKAYDONE
“Sanford and Son” cop SMITTY
“Storage Wars” network AANDE
“___ you were born was beauty’s summer dead”: Shakespeare ERE
2017 song by 2 Chainz ITSAVIBE
Abbr. in some airport names INTL
According to etiquette PROPER
Annie of “Ghostbusters” POTTS
Annoying Adobe alert EXPORTERROR
Append TAGON
Baggy breeches of the early 20th century KNICKERBOCKERS
Bandmate of Michelle, John and Denny CASS
Become more opaque, as windows ICEUP
Betrays a cold, maybe SNIFFS
Big bang letters TNT
Blog feed format RSS
Bulletin holders TACKS
Bust bunch NARCS
Campus near Sunset Blvd UCLA
Capital of East Timor DILI
Caught, rabbit-style INASNARE
Composer Khachaturian ARAM
Cop ___ APLEA
Costume for Misty Copeland TUTU
Counterfeiter capturer TMAN
Cruelty from a critic PAN
Cuup product BRA
Dense dessert GELATO
Director Abbas Kiarostami’s home country IRAN
Dispenser inserts TAPEROLLS
Distinctive glow AURA
Dry, as vegetation SERE
Element of change? METAL
Elicits an “Et tu?” STABSINTHEBACK
Emmy winner for Outstanding Comedy in 2015, 2016 and 2017 VEEP
Enjoy, as benefits REAP
Estimate ending ORSO
Et ___ (and others) ALII
FDR’s successor HST
Feature of some state shopping holidays NOTAX
Film set worker GRIP
Folder feature TAB
Franks DOGS
Free of the mud UNSTUCK
French word MOT
German article DER
Grand-scale EPIC
Grounding condition NOTV
Half a doughnut brand KREME
Hankering URGE
HBO sister channel, derisively SKINEMAX
Hermanos del padre TIOS
Hesitant assent UMOK
How I might want you to believe or trust INME
Hwys RDS
Injure graphically MAUL
Intro to many a fantasy book MAP
Irritates GALLS
Job at a lineup IDING
Jurnee of “Lovecraft Country” SMOLLETT
Clues Answers
King, in Cadiz REY
Krypton, for one RAREGAS
Letter-shaped construction bar TBEAM
Like most numbers, if we’re being real IRRATIONAL
Lil ___ X NAS
Lots of bucks STAGS
Manning on the field ELI
Many a Billboard cover subject ROCKSTAR
Marshy depressions SWALES
Medical device that runs on gravity IVDRIP
Move to a ballad SWAY
Mufasa’s heir SIMBA
Muscle targeted by side planks OBLIQUE
Name-in-lights sort LEADACT
Not moving STATIC
On the mend, perhaps INAA
Organ that pumps le sang COEUR
Pamplona runners, to locals TOROS
Paris story? ILIAD
Part of a kit DRUM
Pass on, formally DECEASE
Pastime that makes use of “my little eye” ISPY
Patiently wait BIDE
Pause LULL
Peak performance AGAME
Pigment derived from cuttlefish ink SEPIA
Pirates, at times PILLAGERS
Post-printemps season ETE
Praiseful song PAEAN
Queso, e.g DIP
Radar gun abbr MPH
Regatta event SEARACE
Rhames of “Pulp Fiction” VING
Ruckus HOOHA
Ruffle FRILL
Sales agent, for short REP
Sister brand of Banana Republic OLDNAVY
Smooth sailing EASY
Some guards work them NIGHTS
Sorrowful sound SIGH
Sound from castanets but not cymbals HARDC
Southern California tribe CAHUILLA
Start of an adage that may explain why you’re not feeling so well after solving this puzzle? BEERBEFORELIQUOR
Stayed put DIDNTGO
Sucker, in Surrey LOLLY
Take off DEPART
Tapir consumer ANACONDA
Teatro La Fenice premiere of 1853 LATRAVIATA
Titular warrior princess XENA
Torque symbol TAU
Trespasses SINS
Try for a role READ
Unspoiled EDENIC
Vandalizing, as one might do on Halloween EGGING
What you must pay to play ANTE
When many begin Little League pitching AGESEVEN
When Othello promises to send for Desdemona ANON
Winner of eight Grammys, the most for a female rapper LAURYNHILL
Word interrupted by an oak branch on a dime UNUM
Words on a “curiouser and curiouser” cake EATME
Yo-Yo collection? CELLI
Zero NIL
Zero Mostel’s “Fiddler” role TEVYE
___ Landing (Philadelphia neighborhood) PENNS