Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Dec 13 2021

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Clues Answers
"Do — say!" ASI
"Fresh Air" airer NPR
Actress Ellen BARKIN
Actress Hagen UTA
Alaskan crustaceans KINGCRABS
Battle call WARCRY
Bit of wit PUN
Cake finishers ICERS
California city ANAHEIM
Central MID
Charlatan FAKER
Chopper AXE
Clock radio toggle AMPM
Crib BIN
Dadaist Jean ARP
Dead man walking? ZOMBIE
Diarist Anais NIN
Entre — NOUS
Facebook's Mark, informally ZUCK
Finale END
Flavor enhancer, for short MSG
Freebie COMP
Furniture brand IKEA
Gratuity TIP
Guffaw YUK
Hardwood tree REDOAK
Informative NEWSY
Insult SLUR
Jazz singer Cleo LAINE
LeBron, to fans KINGJAMES
Clues Answers
Luau instrument UKE
Make a mess of MANGLE
Mama's mate PAPA
Milky gem OPAL
Miss Piggy's pronoun MOI
Noon, on a clock XII
Not prerecorded LIVE
Oklahoma tribe OTOE
Order partner LAW
Painter Magritte RENE
Petty peeve NIT
Punker Vicious SID
Quick look PEEK
Sailor GOB
Scottish river DEE
Sign up anew REJOIN
Skewered entree KEBAB
Sound of delight OOH
Spokes RADII
SSE's opposite NNW
Talk and talk YAK
The very thing ITSELF
Tito Puente nickname MAMBOKING
Turkey's capital ANKARA
Two-way DUAL
Understanding KEN
Up to TIL
Weir DAM
Wicked EVIL
Work with USE
— circle INNER