The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 2017

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Clues Answers
At the outset friendly and tactful with girl’s Dad FATHER
Be captivated by songbird in this region TIBET
Bet against unprofessional song LAY
Blooming team! Not yet in! OUTSIDE
Composure of model touring India POISE
Correct manner needing rewrite of tweet? Quite — not woke at first ETIQUETTE
Couple seen in Fort Worth TWO
Entertainer’s routine including leading pairs from Rome ballet ACROBAT
Feel a spa boss is spinning old tales from Greece aesops fables
Flush, no end, wager disreputable guy is one who travels a lot GLOBETROTTER
Happening to use an imperial measure of length AFOOT
Having brought Yankee in, locate exotic follower ACOLYTE
Clues Answers
Learned one ultimately insulting about Information Technology ERUDITE
Love street full of comic potential? It won’t fly! OSTRICH
Marker at sea young lad picked up BUOY
Maybe describing line, done by Dorothy and Edward? DOTTED
One on rink maybe, sister, hugging Catherine SKATER
One visiting California, the French Republican CALLER
Physical Training incorporating popular drink PINT
Publicize policy for carrier AIRLINE
Ready to fight call that is about function BELLICOSE
Rose writes beer off SWEETBRIER
Self-willed boss, wrong to see wife as saint? HEADSTRONG
Silly person that would expect real profits initially! TWERP