Wall Street Journal - Nov 30 2021 - Keep Calm

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Clues Answers
“Carry on!” ASYOUWERE
“Insecure” star Issa RAE
“Let’s Dance” singer BOWIE
“Makes sense to me” ISEE
Afternoon hour ONE
Arnaz of “I Love Lucy” DESI
Beat on “Survivor,” say OUTLASTED
Bracelet holder WRIST
Brit who definitely wasn’t at a loss for words ROGET
Bundle of hay BALE
Calculated the total ADDED
Carve out HEW
Cellist’s substance ROSIN
Center of activity HUB
Chowder morsel CLAM
Classic gym class activity DODGEBALL
Comprises HAS
Dark mark BLOT
Destinations for de-stressing SPAS
Dispensary purchase WEED
Domain of Hades UNDERWORLD
Dreamcatcher bit BEAD
Egg on URGE
Equal PEER
Excited exclamation in many a meme YEET
Firecracker part FUSE
First light DAYBREAK
For all to hear ALOUD
Four-term prez FDR
Furious feeling RAGE
Furthermore ALSO
Gelatinous mass BLOB
Heats to near boiling SCALDS
Hot-weather hairstyle, maybe UPDO
Implied HINTED
Instrument on a Greek vase, maybe LYRE
Clues Answers
Is willing to believe BUYS
It’s separated by winnowing CHAFF
Left at a loss for words AWED
Lent support to AIDED
Line on a check DATE
Losing intensity FADING
Make believable SELL
Multitude CROWD
Need for a Cantonese cook WOK
Nigerian-born singer with four Grammys SADE
Of the past, poetically OLDEN
Polygon figure AREA
Puts on the line RISKS
Puts the kibosh on ENDS
Putting into practice USING
Ran way downfield WENTDEEP
Rancher’s purchase FEED
Responds to the alarm RISES
Rock band? VEIN
Rx writers MDS
Scarf material SILK
Semicircular section of a cathedral APSE
Semiprecious stone with bands of color ONYX
Sings out BELTS
Six-pack parts ABS
Skedaddle FLEE
Slimy lump GOB
Some corp. higher-ups VPS
Stares in disbelief GAPES
Stash out of sight HIDE
Steer clear of AVOID
Sushi unit ROLL
Tax return fig SSN
The Promise Ring’s genre EMO
There are three in a double magnum bottle LITERS
They may find running into each other awkward EXES
Watch the whole season, say BINGE
Word on a gift tag FROM