Universal - Jul 29 2010

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Clues Answers
"As You Like It" character CELIA
"Just a ___!" ("Hold on!") SEC
"King of Queens" character SPENCE
"National Velvet" writer Bagnold ENID
"Now hold on there!" STOP
"Willard" creatures RATS
"___ you glad you did?" ARENT
A glutton has a big one APPETITE
Almost, but not ___ QUITE
Atop, poetically OER
Beetles-to-be GRUBS
Below the surface UNDER
Bring out EDUCE
Certain cooked breakfast item POACHEDEGG
Church choral work MOTET
City near Syracuse ONEIDA
Come to a conclusion END
Come up again and again RECUR
Concise summary PRECIS
Conjoined twin name ENG
Curved carpenter's tool ADZ
Cut with a scalpel INCISE
Disabled vehicle alert FLARE
Doing a hatchet job HEWING
Ecological sequences SERES
Egyptian god of the air SHU
Fit to ___ ATEE
Harley rider BIKER
Help somewhat LIFTAFINGER
Henhouse COOP
Home of Aer Lingus ERIN
Indy measure LAP
Interrupt, as a dancer CUTIN
It's run up and then settled TAB
Like figureheads TITULAR
Lincoln's sobriquet ABE
Maestro's concern TEMPO
Makes a quick retreat HIES
Middle Eastern chief (Var.) AMIR
Clues Answers
Milk maker's call MOO
Number of fugitives on a noted list TEN
On one's back SUPINE
On ___-to-know basis ANEED
Peat sources BOGS
Periscope part LENS
Persian Gulf country IRAQ
Place for a French lesson ECOLE
Prior to, in the backwoods AFORE
Prisoner who'll never get out LIFER
Prospector's find LODE
Red-breasted songbird ROBIN
Reddish dye HENNA
Remove, to an editor DELE
Repairs with thread SEWS
Rosie of "Do the Right Thing" PEREZ
Run after the buss? STEALAKISS
Somewhat SORTOF
Sport with swords EPEE
State symbols of Indiana PEONIES
Store, as fodder ENSILE
Substitute at the plate PINCHHITTER
Superhero's accessory CAPE
Terrestrial amphibians EFTS
Thatching palm NIPA
Tractor-trailer combo RIG
Transylvanian lab assistant IGOR
Walking aid CANE
War god ARES
Ways to leave EGRESSES
Wheaties box candidate ATHLETE
Wield a spoon STIR
Word between "game" and "match" SET
Wrestling official (Abbr.) REF
You sweat through it PORE
Zadora of "Butterfly" PIA
___ chi (Chinese martial art) TAI
___ spell (took a load off) SATA