The Washington Post Sunday - Nov 28 2021

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Clues Answers
'... so? Is that all?' AND
'Are not!' reply AMTOO
'For heaven's ___!' SAKE
'Go on, I ___ you!' DARE
'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' actress Kaitlin OLSON
'Let me take care of that' ICANDOIT
'Midnight Cowboy' character with a rodentlike name RATSO
'Paper Roses' singer Marie OSMOND
'Sugar' singer Waters ETHEL
'The Haunting Dancer' painter Severini GINO
'The Passions of the Soul' writer Descartes RENE
'The Return of the Vampire' actor Bela LUGOSI
'The ___ is nigh' END
'Victory is mine!' SUCCESS
'___ I knew that!' EVEN
'___ the difference?' SEE
'___ the Garden Wall' (animated miniseries) OVER
Adjective meaning 'solo,' found after the first letter of 25 Across ALONE
Alternative to Viagra CIALIS
Ancient writer of 'Odes' HORACE
Art with folded sheets ORIGAMI
Body shots? VACCINES
Botanical latex source ALOE
Ceremonial singer CANTOR
Coat checked at a dentist's office ENAMEL
Comment from one who's running behind IMLATE
Crack team? COMEDIANS
Dalai ___ (spiritual leader) LAMA
Dr Pepper, e.g SODA
Driver's accessory SEATCOVER
Dubuque's state IOWA
Element named after a Norse god THORIUM
Eternally, in an ode EER
Extremely long period EON
Fluffy buildup LINT
Former flier to Florence ALITALIA
Garment with cups BRA
Gentle touch PAT
Gets a glimpse of ESPIES
Grating sound RASP
Grounds REASON
H as in Hephaestus ETA
Info gathered from surveillance INTEL
Involve by necessity ENTAIL
Clues Answers
It increases by building a hotel, in Monopoly RENT
Lamb's parent EWE
Lawn tools with teeth RAKES
Letters signifying compassion TLC
Like some slim leads ONEPOINT
Like some washers and dryers COINOP
Like starfish RAYED
Like the puzzles at a crossword tournament TIMED
Line directing a horse REIN
Little littermates RUNTS
Mail carrier? ARMORER
Most playfully shy COYEST
Mountain in Greece or Tasmania OSSA
Muffle, as sounds DEADEN
Muse for 40 Across THALIA
NaNoWriMo month NOV
NASA program that sent astronauts to the moon APOLLO
NBA legend Moses MALONE
Ninja turtle named after the 'Transfiguration' painter RAPHAEL
One communicating with Dr. Dolittle ANIMAL
One of many for 'Once' TONY
Order that's hardly well done RARESTEAK
Org. advocating the right to privacy ACLU
Originally named NEE
Paranormal ability that Peter supposedly tests to study how it's influenced by negative reinforcement, at the beginning of 'Ghostbusters' ESP
Performer's prompt CUE
Platform for PC games played on an emulator nowadays MSDOS
Popular songs HITS
Prefix with science OMNI
Printed announcement NOTICE
Produces a deep, strong sound RESONATES
Puts up for purchase SELLS
Recipient of money, perhaps DONEE
Retail venue STORE
Safety ___ (fastener) PIN
Sauce with pine nuts PESTO
School co-sponsoring the London Academy of Excellence ETON
Scrunch up RUMPLE
Set of online pages SITE
Short albums, for short EPS
Short-tailed weasel STOAT
Simple Plan frontman Bouvier PIERRE
Slasher film sight GORE
Source of rings and vibrations PHONE
Stalagmites' and stalactites' settings CAVES
Stir-fry vegetable PEAPOD
Sudden death conclusion, in a playoff hockey game GOAL
Take off one's coat? PEEL
Toy soldiers ARMYMEN
Trash pickup? ODOR
Tropical chain LEI
Vegas casino with a statue of a Roman emperor at its entrance CAESARS
Vehicles that may be used during play dates, informally TRIKES
Wedding attire SUIT
Word after Christmas or New Year's EVE
___ door (place to fall through the floor) TRAP
___ in B minor (Bach masterwork) MASS
___ Wrap (food spoilage preventer) SARAN