Universal - Nov 27 2021

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Clues Answers
"Am not!" retort ARETOO
"Cool!" NEAT
"People Puzzler" channel GSN
"The Far Side" cartoonist Gary LARSON
"The Matrix" hero NEO
2-inch No. 2 pencil, say NUB
Angler's hope BITE
Ashes holder URN
Athletic shoe brand LAGEAR
Australian "bear" KOALA
Australian precious stone OPAL
Awards sweep, for short EGOT
Baby's syllable GOO
Barely at all ATAD
Basketball Hall-of-Famer Archibald NATE
Because SINCE
Blood bank supply PLASMA
Blue-ribbon position FIRST
Boxing prize BELT
Brought up, as a child REARED
Bryce Canyon's state UTAH
Called the shots LED
Certain colas RCS
Chills (out) VEGGES
City in eastern Nebraska OMAHA
Comic Cheri OTERI
Commerce imbalance TRADEGAP
Country largely surrounded by Malaysia BRUNEI
Della of "Touched by an Angel" REESE
Descriptor for a dad PATERNAL
Descriptor for a dad, and an anagram of 34-Across PARENTAL
Diamonds and others GEMS
Doctors' grp AMA
Earn the blue ribbon WIN
Facing a judge ONTRIAL
Factual TRUE
Feeling of wonder AWE
Fiber internet alternative, briefly DSL
Clues Answers
Fuel treatment brand STP
Getting close INRANGE
Getting close, and an anagram of 16-Across NEARING
Gives for a while LENDS
Harbor cities PORTS
Its initial three letters spell an apt dessert PIECE
Kerry Washington or Amy Adams ACTRESS
Liquor sometimes mixed with tonic GIN
Lower leg part SHIN
Loyal pet DOG
Made before taxes GROSSED
Made irate ANGERED
Made irate, and an anagram of 61-Across ENRAGED
Mario's middle name? ARI
More in a lather? FOAMIER
Most frigid ICIEST
Musical sound TONE
Musical sound, and an anagram of 29-Across NOTE
On a cycle at the gym, perhaps SPINNING
One may sit on your keyboard CAT
Part-time player SEMIPRO
Place for an AirPod EAR
Principal, for a school HEAD
Pub serving DRAUGHT
Put up a fight RESIST
Rain garment PONCHO
South ___ (Seoul's country) KOREA
Start of many rappers' names LIL
Suffix with "southwest" ERN
Upper canvas on a ship TOPSAIL
Utensils for making juice REAMERS
Voice on some phones SIRI
Way back when ONCE
What can cool into basalt LAVA
Wicked VILE
Wicked, and an anagram of 46-Across EVIL
Word after "fine" or "folk" ART
___ Jackson Jr. ("Straight Outta Compton" star) OSHEA
___ Millions MEGA