Wall Street Journal - Nov 27 2021 - Table Scraps

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Clues Answers
“A Visit from the Goon Squad” author Jennifer EGAN
“Absolutely!” INDEED
“Blue Bloods” network CBS
“Calvin and Hobbes” conveyance SLED
“Country Ain’t Country” singer Travis TRITT
“Double Bubble Trouble” singer MIA
“Game of Thrones,” e.g SAGA
“Smooth Operator” singer SADE
“Snap out of it!” GETAGRIP
“Take care!” BESAFE
“The King and I” setting SIAM
“You betcha!” ISUREAM
“___ Really Matter” (Janet Jackson song) DOESNT
1040 org IRS
411 INFO
Accompanying WITH
Al who performed the theme for “The Green Hornet” HIRT
Amorphous mass BLOB
Apiece PER
Astros cap feature STAR
At the original speed, in scores ATEMPO
Bakery fixtures OVENS
Banish EXILE
Bathroom, in brief LAV
Beat around the bush WAFFLE
Bergen of “Madam Secretary” ERICH
Big cheese HONCHO
Bit of ink TAT
Bring from the minors to the majors CALLUP
Bring up to code, perhaps REWIRE
Buddy of “The Beverly Hillbillies” EBSEN
Care for TEND
Cariou of “Blue Bloods” LEN
Caterer’s container URN
Celebrity chef D’Acampo GINO
Chess column listing MOVES
Chew the greenery GRAZE
City of “sinners before the Lord” SODOM
Collected REAPED
Comedian Wong ALI
Cones’ counterparts RODS
Corporate department LEGAL
Crowded housing TENEMENT
Cry of feigned innocence MOI
Dairy output MOO
Don’t bet on it NAG
Drama in Kyoto NOH
DVR brand TIVO
Early outcast EVE
Entices LURES
Event won twice by Naomi Osaka USOPEN
Extremity END
Fleet FAST
Give a Yelp review, say RATE
God, in Granada DIOS
Good thing to have in an emergency LEVELHEAD
Grows dark, perhaps LATENS
Ham-handed INEPT
Hamilton notes TENS
Hawkish Olympian ARES
Hither’s counterpart YON
Hold up ROB
Home of the Rams and Chargers SOFISTADIUM
Hosp. workers DRS
It may involve plants and bugs ESPIONAGE
It may stop the presses GAGORDER
Clues Answers
It’ll pass FAD
It’s fed from trays COPIERPAPER
It’s north of Herzegovina BOSNIA
Italian wine center ASTI
Juror while the trial is in session, e.g SILENTOBSERVER
Keanu’s role in “The Matrix” NEO
Lair for a bear DEN
LAPD alert APB
Leander’s love HERO
Like Cheerios OATY
Like early Beatles recordings MONO
Like many interviews ONEONONE
Like some breezes GENTLE
Loathe ABHOR
Losing all restraint GOINGHOGWILD
Magazine stores ARSENALS
Maggie’s big sister LISA
Mattress choice FULL
Mauna ___ LOA
Medium for some sculptors ICE
Meet-cute in a rom-com, e.g TROPE
Moody music EMO
MRI target in a knee ACL
Muppet who’s in love with Camilla the Chicken GONZO
Never be forgotten LIVEON
No longer into OVER
Occupying it earns seven bonus armies in Risk ASIA
Off the table, perhaps EATEN
Offer of assistance LETMEHELP
Once-ubiquitous players IPODS
Overly precious TWEE
OWLs and NEWTs, at Hogwarts EXAMS
Penn or Pitt ACTOR
Pirouette points TOES
Playful pursuits, for short REC
Points of view? SCENICAREAS
Prefix with tourist or type ECO
Premium content premium USERFEE
Prison weapon SHIV
Prophesying person SEER
Radical members of a group, and a hint to the circled letters FRINGEELEMENTS
Regard dismissively SNIFFAT
Reject somebody, in a way SWIPELEFT
Rewarding hike? PAYRAISE
Rome’s fifth emperor NERO
Singing syllable TRA
Sites for strikes LANES
Something to look forward to after bingeing NEWSEASON
Sparring souvenir BRUISE
Spoiler on the front of a car AIRDAM
Sudden enlightenment SATORI
Switch maker NINTENDO
Tennessee music and arts festival BONNAROO
The Jonas Brothers, e.g POPTRIO
Tickle pink PLEASE
Tough tests ORALS
Tuba sound PAH
Two-time winner of FIFA’s Women’s World Player of the Year Lloyd CARLI
Vast expanse OCEAN
Wedding guests give them TOASTS
Well-spoken desire? WISH
What was exited in Brexit THEEU
Wood for a tee DRIVER
Z ___ zebra ASIN
Zest PEP