The Guardian - Quick crossword No 16,085 - Nov 25 2021

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Clues Answers
Abstinence from alcohol TEMPERANCE
Bed (or table) cloth LINEN
Break new ground INNOVATE
Content of a cup at breakfast? SOFTBOILEDEGG
Defensive enclosure STOCKADE
It could be 'five-bar' GATE
Just the gentlest wind BREATH
Large jug PITCHER
Like the peacemakers, biblically BLESSED
Mechanical aids MACHINES
Moulded SHAPED
Clues Answers
Musical instrument adjuster PIANOTUNER
Neglected OMITTED
Never done before UNPRECEDENTED
Out of control MANIC
Shakespeare's unwise Athenian philanthropist who goes broke TIMON
Spring LEAP
Tiny piece ATOM
Toady FAWN
Unqualified OUTRIGHT
With no hidden extra costs ALLIN