L.A. Times Daily - Nov 24 2021

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Clues Answers
"Bingo!" THATSIT
"Goosebumps" series author STINE
"It's true!" NOLIE
"The L Word" co-creator Chaiken ILENE
A hot one can be problematic MIC
Absinthe flavor ANISE
Ad prizes CLIOS
Adagio and allegro TEMPI
Advanced course offering SEMINAR
Approximately CIRCA
Ballerina Shearer MOIRA
Bit of encouragement KEEPATIT
Budget sister company AVIS
Cinque e uno SEI
Comes to light ARISES
Completely dominates EATSALIVE
Cut down the middle INTWO
Delivery, as of a baby BIRTH
Discomfort cause PAIN
Dramatic opener ACTI
Elvis or Coca-Cola ICON
Exec, slangily SUIT
French capital PARIS
Gomez's furry cousin ITT
Guido of Baroque art fame RENI
Half a round on the links NINE
He loved Lucille DESI
Hold for questions DETAIN
Intense anger IRE
Inter __ ALIA
Interstate hauler SEMI
Island necklaces LEIS
It has just one 64-Down CYCLOPS
Japanese electronics company RICOH
Jem, to Scout Finch SIB
Knot again RETIE
Laid up ILL
Leave the city to evade arrest SKIPTOWN
Light fog MIST
Clues Answers
Like some tanks SEPTIC
List to-dos ITEMS
Little __ Muffet MISS
Long, thin soup mushroom ENOKI
Makes four into twelve, say TRIPLES
Matisse of the art world HENRI
Med. injury detector MRI
Nabisco brand name NILLA
Ohio's lake ERIE
Old-time laundry soap brand RINSO
Party or wild follower ANIMAL
Permits to enter LETSIN
Piece of prose SNIPPET
Place for singles TILL
Psychic Geller URI
R&B family name ISLEY
Recipe word STIR
Red Square figure LENIN
Relatives of Slurpees ICEES
Relieved (of) RID
Road trip game ISPY
Roger Bannister, famously MILER
Runs out of juice DIES
Schoolmarmish PRIM
Secret fraternity member SHRINER
Server with a blush? SOMMELIER
Shapiro of NPR ARI
Speaker in Cooperstown TRIS
Take care of a kitty SIT
The good dishes CHINA
Title for two Beatles SIR
Title of respect SRI
Vinyl-covered, as a floor TILED
Viscous plant substances RESINS
Watcher ... and homophone of a letter that appears exactly once in every clue and all but two answers EYE
Went down a slippery slope SKIED
Where the old woman lived INASHOE
Whisper HINT
Worldwide: Abbr INTL