Wall Street Journal - Nov 23 2021 - And Your Host...

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Clues Answers
“For All Mankind” org NASA
“Right away!” ASAP
“The Big Sleep” genre NOIR
Address bar filler URL
Assemble in great numbers MASS
Avoid a bogey MAKEPAR
Award once served on a platter? GRAMMY
Bird of the Seattle Storm SUE
Boringly unoriginal BANAL
British rule in colonial India RAJ
Bus. abbr INC
Card game with an edition for colorblind players UNO
Cash crop of South America COCA
Ceasefire TRUCE
Centers of attention FOCI
Character-encoding standard developed from telegraph code ASCII
Comedy club emcee? MICHAELCHE
Concert emcee? MILEYCYRUS
Dallas City Hall architect IMPEI
Decisive bout finishes, briefly KOS
Deli counter call NEXT
Demonstrating prowess ADEPT
Diner offering MEAL
Disaster films? SLICKS
Dismissive cry BAH
Dmitri’s denial NYET
Dudley’s “Arthur” co-star LIZA
Edna Mode eschews them in “The Incredibles” CAPES
Emcee’s tool MIC
Flare up BLAZE
Flat-bottomed boat SCOW
Fleeting fads CRAZES
Frequent TikTok partner, perhaps BFF
Freshly AGAIN
Fruit from a palm tree DATE
Gift tag preposition FROM
Give a part to play CAST
Clues Answers
Investment choice, in brief IRA
John Deere machine BALER
Key that cancels ESC
King, in Calais ROI
Knitting annoyance SNARL
Lummox APE
Malek of “No Time to Die” RAMI
Minecraft product of gunpowder plus sand TNT
Missouri endpoint of the Pony Express, familiarly STJOE
Most sardonic WRYEST
Mouth moistener SALIVA
Museum emcee? MARCCHAGALL
Nation south of Azerbaijan IRAN
Northeast Corridor express ACELA
Not clerical LAY
Now or in the past EVER
One with a single purpose? LONER
Opera emcee? MARIACALLAS
Org. with an Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds EPA
Oven cleaner ingredient LYE
Pen pusher BIC
Peter the Great and Ivan the Terrible CZARS
Posh events GALAS
Quarterback Marino DAN
Resin used in incense MYRRH
Rum-infused cake BABA
Sandra’s “Speed” co-star KEANU
Shore up BRACE
Silvery-white metal COBALT
Simple top TEE
Social movement hashtag BLM
Soda brand since 1924 NEHI
Speed limit, sometimes SIXTY
Swift specialty IRONY
Takes into custody ARRESTS
Tin Man’s first words in “The Wizard of Oz” OILCAN
Travel bureau worker AGENT
With prowess ABLY