Family Time - Nov 22 2021

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Clues Answers
"Approximately" in two words ORSO
"Bi" halved UNI
"Common" transmission type STANDARD
"Not a moment ___ soon!" TOO
"Tomatoes ___ fruit, deal with it" ARE
A faceoff with swords DUEL
A sign of things to come, say some OMEN
Age-old frost HOAR
All the 33-year-old dudes MEN
Award for a TV show guest star EMMY
Biggest ice cube you can see BERG
Billiard ball tappers CUES
Bugs landing in your ears, say PESTS
Certain compass point EAST
Christmas tree favorites FIRS
Cookie brand OREO
Don't look to the sky to see them in Australia EMUS
Driver that might bring you a package UPS
Drop of sorrow? TEAR
Ending for "cant" EEN
Forbids BANS
Govt. org. that approves vaccines FDA
Great thing for the cheerleading squad to have PEP
Hair color for two of every 100 people RED
Half of twice? ONCE
Hawaiian picnic or feast LUAU
It buys stuff in Mexico PESO
It's always in reach for good climbers TOP
Last name among boxing legends ALI
Like anything you've encountered often FAMILIAR
Like light you can barely see in DIM
Like sun-baked land ARID
Lingering, repeating trace of a spoken word ECHO
Many athletes you watch on TV PROS
Clues Answers
Nevada city RENO
Nowhere near danger SAFE
One of the first commands a dog learns SIT
Person in charge BOSS
Phone number's "code" AREA
Place for a soldier BASE
Place that used to have 10,000 different states AFRICA
Prefix meaning "different" HETERO
Pro foe ANTI
Responsibility that's hard on you ONUS
Reverse takes you there BACK
Risky wagers BETS
Romeo and Juliet are two ROLES
Seek caramel skin TAN
Small amount of butter PAT
Sought-after rock ORE
Stop, before "fire!" CEASE
Sweet thing on your birthday CAKE
Sword with a V-shaped blade SABER
Tabloid topic UFO
That lady pushing a shopping cart HER
Throws a fistful of seeds, or what a scared cat does SCATTERS
Time period in "cooperative" ERA
Toss high and easily LOB
Turn back the hands of time after a boo-boo UNDO
Type of name for your online business DOMAIN
Typos in a novel ERRATA
Where lion cubs sleep DEN
Whichever you want ANY
Worst thing to go over on a mountain EDGE
___ and don'ts DOS