L.A. Times Daily - Jul 27 2010

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Clues Answers
"A Death in the Family" author James AGEE
"Angels & __": Dan Brown best-seller DEMONS
"Don't even go __!" THERE
"Letters from __ Jima": 2006 film IWO
"Sorry about that" PARDONME
"Way cool!" RAD
Arachnoid zodiac sign SCORPIO
Atoll enclosure LAGOON
Aussie lassie SHEILA
B&O and Reading RRS
Back in time AGO
Beeper PAGER
Building additions ANNEXES
Caesar's "that is" IDEST
Challenging words IDAREYOU
Chart holder EASEL
Contract provision CLAUSE
Cops, slangily HEAT
Crowd scene actor EXTRA
Debtor's letters IOUS
Demi of "G.I. Jane" MOORE
Ease off LETUP
Emergency exit with a ladder FIREESCAPE
Fencing blades EPEES
Festive gathering AFFAIR
Fido's foot PAW
Filming site SET
Financial aid criterion NEED
Fix, as a fight RIG
Frosty's smoke PIPE
Gawked at EYED
Homer, to Bart DAD
Indicate DENOTE
Jazzy Anita ODAY
Kid's summer haven CAMP
Like stock without face value NOPAR
Luggage tag datum NAME
Clues Answers
Many a proposal is made on one KNEE
Merited EARNED
Mix with a spoon STIR
Most of 49-Down DESERT
Name on a fridge AMANA
Not exactly exciting TAME
Oil-rich peninsula ARABIA
PC alternatives MACS
Pioneer's wagon CONESTOGA
Put on fancy attire, with "up" DRESS
Quote as a reference CITE
Razor's cutter EDGE
Recess at St. Peter's APSE
Robotic solar system explorer SPACEPROBE
Rope fiber source HEMP
Salon applications GELS
Scot's family CLAN
See 38-Across CLOTHES
Spiny lizards IGUANAS
Sports venues ARENAS
Spread publicly, with "about" NOISED
Steamed up ANGERED
Take a bad turn WORSEN
Tibet neighbor NEPAL
Tops, as a cupcake ICES
Tough to take HARSH
Train track RAIL
Turkish title AGA
U.S. Pacific territory GUAM
Up to one's ears (in) AWASH
Use a straw SUCK
Wall St. group ASE
What flags do in the wind FLAP
Wind blast GUST
Witch who helped Dorothy get home GLINDA
With 24-Down, category of garments fittingly found in the circled letters OUTER
Woodland deities SATYRS
Wrist-to-elbow bone ULNA