USA Today - Jul 26 2010

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Clues Answers
"Erie Canal" mule SAL
"Getting to Know You" musical THEKINGANDI
"Let's Make a Deal" offering DOOR
"No more Mr. ___ Guy!" NICE
"Shall we dance?" reply LETS
"SNL" segment, e.g. SKIT
"Will be," in a Doris Day song SERA
"___ in Toyland" BABES
A little husky? PUPPY
Adroitly avoid ELUDE
Almost too coincidental EERIE
Buggy driver's controls REINS
Burn perfume, as in a church service CENSE
Coalition of a kind BLOC
Common office plant FERN
Confined to one part of the body LOCAL
Cotillions BALLS
Deity worshipped by Canaanites BAAL
Duchess of ___ (Goya subject) ALBA
Elevator operator's query FLOOR
Exec's degree, perhaps MBA
Family head? CAPO
Feeling of hatred ANIMUS
Four Tops smash hit ICANTHELPMYSELF
Frown or scowl LOUR
Gaffer's place SET
Garden shop purchase HOE
Glassy look STARE
Granola morsel OAT
Happy colleague? SLEEPY
High-profile hairdo AFRO
Hole numbers? YARDAGES
Horne, the legend LENA
Icy glaze HOAR
Ira Levin's "A Kiss Before ___" DYING
It's nothing, really NIL
Keogh's kin IRA
Lilies with bell-shaped flowers SEGOS
Make more tweaks to READJUST
Clues Answers
Money-saving restaurant option COMBO
Muslim honorific (Var.) AGHA
Noticeably astonished AGAPE
Open to advice AMENABLE
Opened just a crack AJAR
Part of a mechanic's bill LABOR
Plaster painting FRESCO
Regret deeply DEPLORE
Relative of a husk ARIL
Rose-colored dye EOSIN
Samuel Adams product ALE
Scorecard lineup ROSTER
Selfish one's query? WHATABOUTME
Sharps' opposites FLATS
Small building block ATOM
Small Winnebago? PAPOOSE
Smoldering coal EMBER
Some burlesque props BOAS
Stone with facets GEM
Sweden's capital? ESS
Take one's pick OPT
Takes a breather RESTS
Taro root EDDO
Tears asunder RIVES
Terrible or great ruler? IVAN
Their users have handles CBS
They're still intact after they're broken LAWS
Thick dark syrup MOLASSES
Tight, as a fit SNUG
Trash bag closers TIES
Type of rubber BUTYL
Unit for Shakespeare ACT
Wealthy Titanic casualty ASTOR
What nods often mean YESES
Wine cellar section REDS
Word before a discounted price ONLY
Word with "tacks" or "knuckles" BRASS
Writing of King David PSALM
___-o'-shanter TAM