Irish Times (Simplex) - Nov 18 2021

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Clues Answers
A feeling of righteous anger OUTRAGE
A tie in a race DEADHEAT
Annul, revoke REPEAL
Bundles of fibres in the body NERVES
Choux pastries with cream and chocolate icing ECLAIRS
Comfort, rest EASE
Discourages, dissuades DETERS
Disorderly, messy UNTIDY
Distrust, have doubts about SUSPECT
Favourable opinion, esteem APPROVAL
Having dropped by the force of gravity FALLEN
Identify because previously known RECOGNISE
Innumerable COUNTLESS
Judged the worth of ASSESSED
Keen, enthusiastic EAGER
Lawsuits and pieces of luggage CASES
Niche or alcove RECESS
Clues Answers
Object of excessive adoration IDOL
Old Italian money LIRA
Petition to a higher court APPEAL
Pleasant daydreams FANTASIES
Portable shelter TENT
Protection against the possibility of future difficulty SECURITY
Putting by for a rainy day SAVING
Queasy feeling NAUSEA
Regular, constant, unvarying STEADY
Reptile with bony shell TURTLE
Rob Leo of his strange jacket BOLERO
Scene of some event or action LOCALE
Set of exercises currently popular PILATES
Space traveller ASTRONAUT
Street in Dublin and borough in London CAMDEN
Take control of without authority USURP
United Nations agency to promote education etc, initially UNESCO
Welsh breed of short-legged dog CORGI