The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 28,604 - Nov 16 2021

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Clues Answers
About to tuck into brownish-red biscuit MACAROON
Abroad, a thousand separately enter coast, a part of peninsula SOUTHKOREA
All our letters after B: A goes, for a start POSTBAG
All the Spanish make commotions TODOS
Cunning creature tucks head down a minute: it brings relief OXFAM
Female, inwardly modest, showing a bit of leg FEMUR
Gall as old Greek character almost drowned in beer OAKAPPLE
Go just over five days? WEE
Green shade clothing brothers MOSS
I rouse fools with cunning, no joking SERIOUSLY
In affection, bind daughter in embrace, finally close ENDEAR
International computer system's not hard, in my opinion TENET
Interrupting wind energy for resident temporarily GUEST
It was used for building the holy city? Wrong MECCANO
Mac to use moisturiser OILSKIN
Miscellaneous stuff ends with these ODDS
Miss a film that wins Oscar AVOID
Clues Answers
National leader veers off racecourse SCOT
New moon was spotted event­ually by outdoor worker WOODSMAN
Origin of privileged performer SEED
People carrier's small opening to reverse in a narrow street AEROPLANE
Period of which the present day is near the end DECEMBER
Remarkable Belgians performing, not live SIGNAL
See the end of Harry Potter prepared for printing plate STEREOTYPE
Some potato? A lot ordered with a snack in the tube CHIPOLATA
Spooner and Imogen agree where Doll Tearsheet worked BOARSHEAD
Swimmer to show off briefly SWAN
Theatre is nothing to heartless devil ODEON
They may subsidise part of service, but only with one rupee PAYERS
Vehicle engine cover half made of such steel? CARBON
Whiskey wanted back that is in inaccessible place EYRIE
Woman's rotten idea scaled down ENID
Writing on page about excuse PRETEXT