USA Today - Dec 19 2021

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Clues Answers
'Ah, that explains it!' NOWONDER
'All finished!' IMDONE
'Better safe than sorry,' for example ADAGE
'Don't worry about me!' IMOKAY
'Fair point!' TOUCHE
'Fasten your seatbelts . . .' HEREWEGO
'Help!' SOS
'No Scrubs' group TLC
'Riverdale' actor KJ APA
'Still . . .' YET
'The First ___' (Christmas carol) NOEL
'___ Black' (sci-fi series) ORPHAN
'___ it been that long?' HAS
Actress ___ Moten Barnett ETTA
Arcade game insert TOKEN
Bowling alley section LANE
Cause of a ceiling stain LEAK
Common parade street MAIN
Crushed cookies in froyo places OREOS
Dance that originated in Bohemia POLKA
DJs' co-workers MCS
Doctors who prescribe CPAP machines ENTS
Dog or wolf CANINE
Duckling's papa DRAKE
Earth is one PLANET
Flight tracker stat ETA
From Qinghai or Chennai, for example ASIAN
Goods on a plane CARGO
Grains in concrete SAND
Greedy gulp SWIG
Hi-___ images RES
Hotspot offering WIFICONNECTION
Hugs and ___ KISSES
Intention AIM
Jummah figure IMAM
Landmass in a sea ISLE
Las Vegas WNBA team ACES
Like a heavy favorite ODDSON
Like ganders and toms MALE
Clues Answers
Like runners after a mud run DIRTY
Madison Square Garden hooper KNICK
Moisturizing skincare products FACEOILS
Most geckos lick theirs clean EYES
Not doing anything IDLE
Not winning or losing TIED
Nutrition regimen DIET
Old Roman wraps TOGAS
Pest in a swarm GNAT
Pharmaceutical product DRUG
Place for a fish ladder DAM
Place for vapor trails SKY
Puppy's tail movement WAG
Rhyme and synonym of 'astute' ACUTE
Silver or tin METAL
Sister brand of The Body Shop AVON
Smart ___ (know-it-all) ALEC
Some 20-Across ingredients ORGANICONIONS
Some loaves RYES
Some postgrad degrees PHDS
Spicy stew at a cookoff CHILICONCARNE
Stand against RESIST
Take a break REST
Tend to jeonbok-juk STIR
TV star Jeannie MAI
Underdog victory UPSET
Understood GOT
Until now TODATE
Valuable holding ASSET
W, on a lightbulb WATT
Was in charge of RAN
Wiggle room LEEWAY
Winter Games pair SKIS
Word in some motel names INN
Work with needle and thread SEW
Wracked with indecision TORN
___ ant (tiny marcher) ARMY
___ Madden shoes STEVE
___ off (angry) TEED