USA Today - Dec 13 2021

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Clues Answers
'I see your point' FAIRENOUGH
'No thanks' NAH
'You're gonna need to find someone else' SORRYIMOUT
'___ Lisa' MONA
'___'s Groove' (Earth, Wind & Fire hit) LET
Aid for a bike trip GPS
Angry stare GLARE
Approves OKAYS
Asana used for resting CHILDSPOSE
Boston hoopers, for short CELTS
Brunch or supper MEAL
Camping shelter TENT
College degree with two specializations DOUBLEMAJOR
Crystallographer's image XRAY
Decisive victory ROUT
Deodorant option GEL
Detach rope after a lead climbing route UNCLIP
Domesticated TAME
Eat into ERODE
Event a shy person might dread PARTY
Every bit ALL
Explosive letters TNT
Finish up END
Flirted over Twitter, maybe DMED
Fourth planet mentioned in 'Interplanet Janet' MARS
French 'yes' OUI
Genetic messenger RNA
Greek eggplant casserole MOUSSAKA
Hawaiian for 'mountain' MAUNA
Holiday donations TOYS
How T-zone skin might get OILY
Leave full SATE
Like one, three and five ODD
Lotion additive ALOE
Mailed out SENT
Mountain lion PUMA
Mozz sticks and cauliflower wings, for example APPS
Observe Salah PRAY
Clues Answers
Opposite of 13-Across WILD
Outer limit EDGE
Pair who might exemplify #relationshipgoals POWERCOUPLE
Part of the 15th letter of the Spanish alphabet TILDE
Period cramp feeling PANG
Phrase aptly found in 'hormone' ONE
Princess whose alter ego is Sheik ZELDA
Prize for Timo Boll MEDAL
Puts in a safe place STOWS
Regret RUE
Rollaway bed COT
Santa ___ Pueblo ANA
Saturated ___ FAT
Seemingly forever EONS
Self-satisfied SMUG
Slightly open AJAR
Smallest chess piece PAWN
Softball refs UMPS
Spanish 'to be' SER
Split-screen social media video TIKTOKDUET
Sturdy trees OAKS
Sword for a Jedi SABER
The 'Odyssey' is one EPIC
This moment NOW
Triage places ERS
Truth or ___ DARE
Twists eaten with mustard or cheese PRETZELS
Unseen 'Bambi' villain MAN
Vi Redd's instrument SAX
Vivian Banks, to Carlton Banks MOM
Vivian Banks, to the Fresh Prince AUNT
Warning taped to a pillow fort GOAWAY
Wasn't overturned STOOD
Word before 'friendly' or 'base' USER
Work on a scarf KNIT
www.bxscience.___ EDU
Your and my OUR
___ out (chill) HANG