The Washington Post Sunday - Nov 14 2021

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Clues Answers
'Happy Tappin' With ___' (song featuring a Muppet) ELMO
'Happy to Be Here' comedian Tig ___ NOTARO
'If you don't like it, that's your problem!' SUEME
'Kiss Me Deadly' genre NOIR
'Mass' movement? TRANSIT
'Midsommar' director Aster ARI
'Pass,' in poker ICHECK
'Really?' ISIT
'Red Iron ___' (folk song about mining in the Great Lakes region) ORE
'That's impossible!' ICANTDOIT
'The Hill We Climb' poet Gorman AMANDA
'Thou ___ not ...' SHALT
'To All the Boys I've Loved Before,' e.g ROMCOM
'What a crying shame!' ALAS
'You've got my attention!' OOH
'___ Turner in Jerusalem' (2016 play set in 1831 Virginia) NAT
'___ up straight!' SIT
'___ You Afraid of the Dark?' (1990s Nickelodeon series) ARE
Actor Alan, when he gives a thrilling performance? ELECTRICARKIN
Actor Firth's plundering pirate nickname? BOOTYCOLIN
Angels' glowing rings HALOS
Aquatic pod beast ORCA
Arrived CAME
Art style focusing on geometric details DECO
Bad thing to pull during a race GROIN
Badlands hill MESA
Balloon shape, perhaps OVAL
Brown or ginger follower ALE
Buildup from chopping WOODPILE
Campaign for Clinton in 2000 SENATEBID
Cannes comrade AMI
Catcher's play at the plate TAG
Ceremonial structure ALTAR
Chocolate treat from Mars DOVEBAR
Coat of arms component CREST
Company that entered an ownership exchange with Hyundai in 1998 KIA
Concerning ASTO
Cool, in the '40s HEP
D.C. funding groups PACS
Deck material, perhaps TEAK
Demonstrated initiative ACTED
Device shown in a '60 Minutes' ad TIMER
Disaster medical assistance team's org FEMA
Echo producers COPYCATS
Ejected from a seat? OUSTED
Elevate BOOST
Enjoyed REM, say SLEPT
Estimate the value of ASSESS
Eve's firstborn son CAIN
Express regret over LAMENT
Face place HEAD
Female antelope DOE
Film conventions TROPES
Finish behind LOSETO
Former 'Top Chef' judge Lagasse EMERIL
French door glass PANE
Frozen chunk, for short BERG
Genesis paradise EDEN
Get out of Dodge in a Dodge, say DRIVE
Gets better in a wine cellar, say AGES
Give up, as money SPEND
Got on one's nerves PESTERED
Hardly playful play DRAMA
Himalayas' region ASIA
Hoarse noise RASP
Hogwarts professor Remus, when giving students responses on their assignments? FEEDBACKLUPIN
In days of ___ YORE
Infant's chest protector BIB
Infuriated feeling IRE
It may be topped with mashed avocado TOAST
Jens Stoltenberg's mil. alliance NATO
Clues Answers
John with the 1989 album 'Garden City' TESH
Junior's father on 'Black-ish' DRE
Lake by Avon Lake, Ohio ERIE
Landing spot for a lutz ICE
Leak, so to speak REVEAL
Let go of a washbowl? DROPTHEBASIN
Like an albatross, compared to an eagle, in golf RARER
Like the 'Saw' films EERIE
Like type 2 hairstyles WAVY
Lustful desires LIBIDOS
Marsupial that can take an O at the start POSSUM
Meaningless, as a point MOOT
Member of a global kingdom ANIMAL
Mischievous creature in a fairy tale ELF
Most warm, say FONDEST
Music genre that developed from the D.C. punk rock scene EMO
Mythological studmuffin ADONIS
Nation that's home to the Great Mosque of Djenné MALI
Nothing NIL
Observed SEEN
Oceanographic device BUOY
One of eight siblings OCTUPLET
Original Pentatonix singer Kaplan AVI
Owed DUE
Part of an Ocean Spray snack for a ballerina, say? DANCECRAISIN
Peel, as an apple's skin PARE
Place in a box ENCASE
Place where Dracula rests and shouts in excitement? WHOOPINGCOFFIN
Positive answers YESES
Post-quake shake TREMOR
Put in place SITUATE
Put into operation USE
Reacted to a paper cut BLED
Reply to a commanding officer, on occasion NOSIR
Rips apart RENDS
Rock concert box AMP
Roughly ORSO
Runny 'sunny side up' thing YOLK
Select from a supply CULL
Shared account, often? STORY
Sharp-heeled heel STILETTO
Shirk, as responsibility EVADE
Singer Bobby, when he would walk a pair of pooches? DOUBLEDOGDARIN
Skilled magicians and musicians in D&D BARDS
Sleeveless prom garment VEST
Societal hardships ILLS
Sorrowful songs DIRGES
Strip around a gift RIBBON
Takes a shot, say SNAPS
Tale with a quest, often SAGA
Termite consumer ANTEATER
Terse way of asking Monty Python member Michael if he wants to grab a midday bite? LUNCHPALIN
The evil warrior Bolg of 'The Hobbit,' e.g ORC
They'd rather not have a moment in the sun VAMPIRES
Those featured on the websites Love Meow and BarkPost PETS
Topographic reference ATLAS
Tried to avoid a 7 Down SLID
Unhappy state WOE
Up to one's ___ tricks OLD
Update, as music RESCORE
Vanquish DEFEAT
Violinists' items BOWS
Web page scrapers BOTS
Winemaking devices PRESSES
Within arm's reach NEAR
Work detail, briefly SPEC
X series automaker BMW
[Move it!] BEEP
___ Awareness Month (annual period to raise awareness and foster inclusion of those with hearing loss) DEAF
___ calendar (pre-Christmas chocolate container) ADVENT
___-Euclidean geometry NON