L.A. Times Daily - Nov 10 2021

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Clues Answers
"All in the Family" spinoff MAUDE
"Dear" adviser ABBY
"Peter Pan" pirate SMEE
"Skyfall" singer ADELE
"To repeat ... forget it!" ISAIDNO
"__ light is not daylight": Juliet YON
18-Down predecessor HST
Absorbed, as a cost ATE
Acid used in soap OLEIC
Airport near OAK SFO
Apple pie order ALAMODE
Arouse STIR
Bickering ATIT
Big club ACE
Big mouths MAWS
Black Sea port ODESSA
Brewpub order ALE
Brooch holder PIN
Cake with a dish SOAP
Campers, briefly RVS
Canny SLY
Census datum SEX
Cut (off) LOP
Drink with an umbrella MAITAI
Dundee denial NAE
Eat every bit of meat from, as a bone PICKCLEAN
Evil alter ego of fiction HYDE
Feet treat PEDI
Financial aid criterion NEED
Gets around SKIRTS
Govt. prosecutors AGS
Harder to climb STEEPER
High season on the Riviera ETE
It's up to you SKY
Italian cheese ASIAGO
Italian province or its capital PARMA
Jacob's first wife LEAH
Jumps (out) BAILS
Clues Answers
Le frÃ%A8re d'un pÃ%A8re ONCLE
Lightbulb measure WATTAGE
Like doves ANTIWAR
Like neatniks ANAL
Like undisguised truth NAKED
Lo-cal LITE
Make an impression ETCH
Making slow but steady progress PECKINGAWAY
Med school subj ANAT
Metrosexual FOP
Moral principle ETHIC
Mozart, in his day, e.g POPSTAR
Neatnik's possible condition, briefly OCD
Oklahoma Air Force base VANCE
Overhaul the lawn, maybe RESOD
Pedal pushers FEET
Pet rocks, once FAD
Prepared to be bussed PUCKEREDUP
Put into effect, as a resolution ADOPTED
Raccoon kin COATI
Scruff NAPE
Scuttlebutt DIRT
Shake it on the dance floor TWERK
Small change POCKETMONEY
Smith, at times SHOER
Stage prop with a different spelling nowadays MIKE
Stimpy's sidekick REN
Strongly disapproved of DECRIED
Talk in a virtual room CHAT
Terrible time? TWOS
The fox in Disney's "The Fox and the Hound" TOD
Two-time ETO commander DDE
Under attack BESET
Wait at a light, say IDLE
Was armed, in old-fashioned slang PACKEDHEAT
What gamblers weigh ODDS
__ fixe PRIX
__-bitty ITTY