The Washington Post Sunday - Nov 7 2021

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Clues Answers
'Boat on the River' band, aptly STYX
'Can I talk to you?' GOTASECOND
'Doggone it!' DANG
'Eat Drink Man Woman' director Lee ANG
'Frankenstein' musician Winter EDGAR
'If only!' ALAS
'Jurassic Park' hero Dr. ___ Grant ALAN
'Last Dance' genre DISCO
'Nomadland' director Zhao CHLOE
'Please forgive me!' SORRY
'___ la Douce' IRMA
'___ Musk Debuts New Self-Parenting Child' (May 2020 headline in the Onion) ELON
1977 Turow bestseller ONEL
Acme product buyers TOONS
Acquires GAINS
Address for a man on base SIR
Adjective, e.g NOUN
Animals at the Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary APES
Annual high school publication ... multiplied by 10? DECADEBOOK
Apply a slant to, as a Photoshop image SKEW
Apt rhyme of 'shame' BLAME
Ascends to the heavens SOARS
Bad casting? HEX
Ball game since the 1990s? POKEMON
Begins fixing an error ERASES
Beliefs ISMS
Beliefs CREDOS
Betting guide figures ODDS
Bill-rejecting word NAY
Calculated pay rate HOURLYWAGE
Caribou's horn ANTLER
Character on the Netflix series 'Sex Education' ERIC
Charged RANAT
Clairvoyant folks SEERS
Comb through carefully SCAN
Currently leading ONTOP
Debate team member's asset LOGIC
Delivery vehicle, often SEMI
Descends beneath the main deck GOESBELOW
Dichotomous choice situation EITHEROR
Distract oneself with fantasies ... multiplied by about 30? MONTHDREAM
Equestrian's strap REIN
Evil side of literature HYDE
Feeling about someone, so to speak AURA
Fired off, as a text SENT
First name that means 'noble' GENO
Flame ___ (fish) TETRA
Focus of many festivals ARTS
Folk or punk follower ROCK
Gargantuan HUGE
Gastroenterology concern GUT
Get a handle on, say NAME
Get through work EARN
Gold medal-winning gymnast Kerri STRUG
Guard's duty PATROL
Hall of ___ (legends) FAMERS
Helmet locale HEAD
HINT: Each set of circled squares in 52 Across and 80 Across can be filled with ___ different units of time TWO
HINT: In 111 Across and 113 Across, a unit of time has been ___ with another REPLACED
HINT: To get the circled words of 23 Across and 25 Across, ___ the word 'time' SCRAMBLE
Hot states? SNITS
In a flexible way PLIANTLY
Indigenous people with Bear, Pigeon, Eagle, Owl, Beaver, Buffalo and Elk clans OTOE
It can come in many different colors DYE
Japanese drink made from fermented rice SAKE
Large piece of land TRACT
Laughing sound HAH
Letters supporting an applicant, briefly RECS
Lifesaving letters CPR
Like dinosaur bones OLD
Like hard bagels STALE
Clues Answers
Like those who teach the 'baa-ram-ewe' password in 'Babe' OVINE
Masts or spars, e.g POLES
Meeting reminder, say MEMO
Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy of 'Little Women,' e.g SISTERS
Michoacán money PESOS
Missed, as a meeting SKIPPED
Most residents of Oman ARABS
Mount Carmel's nation ISRAEL
Musician's pitch TONE
Narrator in Carolyn Meyer's novel 'Doomed Queen Anne' BOLEYN
National event in D.C.? HOMEGAME
Negative reply to 'Who did this?' NOTI
Not as colorful PALER
Not busy right now IDLE
Oafs, in Canadian slang HOSERS
One out of prison early PAROLEE
Ornamental jugs EWERS
Paid, with 'up' PONIED
Palindrome in an ode ERE
Part of an ancient message RUNE
PC key pressed with Tab to go through windows ALT
Period of existence AGE
Person requesting a claim check? SKEPTIC
Pesters constantly NAGSAT
Podcast downloader LISTENER
Possessor of great power in a fantasy novel, perhaps RING
Preposition beginning with a vowel ONTO
Prevented a Bill from moving forward, say TACKLED
Promotional bag, often TOTE
Pushes forward IMPELS
Qatari monarch EMIR
Really annoys IRKS
Receded, as the tide EBBED
Remove, as a tenant EVICT
Reply from one who's on the fence IMAY
Scrooge McDuck's trait GREED
See 18 Across ATME
Series premieres OPENERS
Simmering product RAGU
Sitcom mechanic Gomer PYLE
Some governed by the U.K. Parliament SCOTS
Something worn over one's chest TEE
Squiggly, wriggly fish EELS
Stretch out ELONGATE
Strong hold 'em pair ACES
Subject featuring the quadratic formula ALGEBRA
Summa cum ___ LAUDE
Talk amongst yourselves CHAT
Task often assigned by a project manager ACTIONITEM
Test for MS program applicants, maybe GRE
They're passed in relay races BATONS
Tiny pest that's a type of arachnid SPIDERMITE
Totally INALL
Tranquil condition SERENITY
Trauma center pro ERNURSE
TV franchise with forensic scientists CSI
University board VIPs REGENTS
Use a La-Z-Boy SIT
Watch brand with a Greek letter in its logo OMEGA
Website that can give you Lab results? ADOPTAPET
What cars are primarily made of STEEL
What typically follows a.k.a ALIAS
With 91 Across, 'Pay attention!' LOOK
Without volatility STABLY
Word often used as a substitute for 'less' FEWER
Writers like Audre Lorde and Sarojini Naidu POETS
[If only] SIGH
___ apple ROSE
___ Dale, first woman to serve as deputy administrator of NASA SHANA
___ Jima IWO
___ Mama (tropical cocktail) BAHAMA