Wall Street Journal - Nov 6 2021 - Resounding Success

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Clues Answers
“Dirty Harry” org SFPD
“It’s ___-win situation” ANO
“Keen!” NEATO
“Probably the bravest man I ever knew,” according to Harry Potter SNAPE
“Really, bro?” DUDE
“Shoot!” AWHECK
“Swordfish” director Dominic SENA
“The Optimist’s Daughter” author WELTY
“Try me” ASK
“Uh-huh” YEP
A boxer raises one to shake FORELEG
Abbr. after a seller’s suggested price OBO
Alley ___ OOP
Andes animals LLAMAS
Arles agreement OUI
At an end OVER
Away from the wind ALEE
Batiking needs DYES
Because INTHAT
Behaving suspiciously HINKY
Berthing center MARINA
Biz study ECON
Bolt on the track USAIN
Break off, as a glacier chunk CALVE
Bring out EDUCE
Broccoli ___ RABE
Campaign leader ADEXEC
Camping equipment chain REI
Charcuterie offering MEAT
Classic noir movie DOA
Common knee injury for athletes ACLTEAR
Conceive an original name for a sandal? COINFLIPFLOP
Conductor Kurtz EFREM
Cougars’ sch WSU
Crafty SLY
Cropped up AROSE
Dallas ballers MAVS
Dreaded movement RASTAFARI
Eucalyptus tree occupant KOALA
Exploit GEST
Exploit PLAYON
Famed Notre Dame coach ROCKNE
First name in horror movies LON
Foley sound effect in a spaghetti western? FILMCLIPCLOP
Forging need ANVIL
Former U.N. ambassador Nikki HALEY
Fun-size candy bar? STARTERKITKAT
Get a strike, say BOWL
Grammy winner Grande ARIANA
Hogwarts librarian Pince IRMA
Hotel amenities SAFES
Houston-to-St. Louis heading NNE
How fish and butterflies may be caught INANET
It begins in the corner ROOK
It’s prayed upon ROSARY
Joined the staff HIREDON
Leave in a hurry RUSHOFF
Letter before bet and gimel ALEF
Letter between Oscar and Quebec PAPA
Like dishwater SUDSY
Like freeway traffic, sometimes SNARLED
Like some memories FADING
Like some wells ARTESIAN
Lowbrow pickers? GUITARRIFFRAFF
Making straight TRUING
Mesoamerican dish TAMALE
Message opener FYI
Mil. officer ADC
Montevideo money PESO
Clues Answers
Moon of Uranus OBERON
Nicholas II, for one TSAR
Not just any THE
Nun from Ávila STTERESA
One in a row? OAR
One ineligible to vote before 1920 WOMAN
Pack down TAMP
Packing ARMED
Past portion ERA
Phone your foolish friend? RINGADINGDONG
Place back in custody REMAND
Pool table settings, sometimes RECROOMS
Product package abbr NTWT
Proofer’s catches TYPOS
Reduce in stages PARE
River past Rugby AVON
Rock’s Lofgren NILS
Rooney of “Carol” MARA
Sacred scrolls TORAHS
Salt container? BRIG
Sans-serif font ARIAL
Scaffolding installer RIGGER
Send packing FIRE
Sense of self EGO
Short video service TIKTOK
Showed some teeth GRINNED
Shutterbug’s setting FSTOP
Signs of pride? LEOS
Slalom maneuver on fresh snow? POWDEREDWIGWAG
Slender amphibian NEWT
Some PC keys ESCS
Specialty AREA
Spot for a hot pot STOVE
Spot for a stud EAR
Stain BLOT
Statue of Liberty souvenir? NEWYORKKNICKKNACK
Stephen of “The Crying Game” REA
Support position PRO
Supporting FOR
Takes shape GELS
Target of a military press DELT
Tea whose name means “black dragon” OOLONG
Test material DNA
The very beginning DAYONE
They cut through the woods SAWS
Thoroughfares, for short STS
Tiny nuisance GNAT
Tolkien’s tree herders ENTS
Topper HAT
Traditional tales LORE
Traitorous group RENEGADES
Trawler’s catch COD
Undercover operation STING
Until now YET
Vivacious wit ESPRIT
Vogue editor Wintour ANNA
Wander aimlessly GAD
Wandered ROVED
Warrior of 1990s TV XENA
Wisconsin city named for a Menominee chief OSHKOSH
World view MAP
Worries EATSAT
Worrying about FEARING
Wrinkle remover IRON
Writer Ferber EDNA
Yachting hazard REEF
Yellow stick OLEO
___ Club SAMS