Irish Times (Crosaire) - Nov 6 2021

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Clues Answers
A bit pretentious from political organisation dumping leader ARTY
A measure of the sharpness of talent spotter IQTEST
A single 19 across isn't finished outside Centre the way things stand ASITIS
A stitch-up over the weekend is out of kilter ASKEW
Awful risk of bugs IRKS
Carry a torch for hauling up those inside active volcano LOVE
Carry On without the lead - the one that's a pest ANT
Drink it with starter of toast in Belgium at the end of summer BITTER
Filthy article is removed by a family member UNCLE
For a time, journalist working online starting off directs violent disagreement ATLOGGERHEADS
For the most part, it's difficult finding Bill Clare outside pantomime CHARADE
Handle employee savings plan set up by the banks NAME
Have another go at getting most characters in 21 down to withdraw RETRACT
Heading for Appeal Court to take the initiative ACT
I knew it is never-ending in South Africa - a really hot place SAHARA
It's over oxygen and hydrogen, for example, produced by Palm raised in swamp SAGO
Just starting with Norwegian leader going on trip to summit NASCENT
Key to uncertainty produced by Swift BRISK
Link adaptation about supporting film to good books - that's a test of the personality INKBLOT
Clues Answers
Make-up artist welcomes new shipment TRANSIT
Nevertheless, it's when you might see the witching hour in relation to midnight ATTHESAMETIME
Nice lad moving to cool sounding place on the northside? ICELAND
On the face of it, it's a car for Irish men on the street that's flash? ATFIRSTGLANCE
One of those outside The House at the back with the Irishman from Number Ten? PATIO
Out of ideas, deals with guilt by going to last performance of The Comedians? (2,3'1,4',3) ATONESWITSEND
Poses around popular forms of civil disobedience SITINS
Prune top of tree in the country with chainsaw primarily on weekend CUTBACK
Rasta left traumatised by boredom TEDIUM
Rock-and-roll? SWAY
Seek redress for reports coming out of superstore SUE
Serves up the foreign food for the most part with good bubbly by the sound of it GURGLE
Short cut perhaps leads to back of beyond BOB
Sides with venture capitalist taking the shirt off your back to expose this VEST
Some revolutionary church seminaries go well together MESH
Stole target? The sniper did it! TOOKAIM
Trump overshadowed first person to tip Hillary to win TRIUMPH
What's wrong with The Force following, for example, scoundrel? BADEGG
Wild kitten picks up lead ring of knick-knack TRINKET