Universal - Nov 5 2021

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Clues Answers
"Grande" women DAMES
"Hee-haw!" sound BRAY
"The Voice of the Civil Rights Movement" ODETTA
'70s dance clubs DISCOS
Affirmative vote AYE
Ancient scroll site DEADSEA
Aunt, in Acapulco TIA
Baby's first word, sometimes PAPA
Baking ___ SODA
Baseball great Gehrig LOU
Card game with a Spanish name UNO
Certain description in literature ... or the clue for 38-Across, 3-Down, 7-Down or 11-Down? CHARACTERSKETCH
Chemical building block ATOM
College official with a list DEAN
Con artist's reassurance TRUSTME
Cover with glitter, say ADORN
Cried WEPT
Deer family member ELK
Descriptor for a musical wonder ONEHIT
Drag queen's neckwear BOA
Fateful day for Caesar IDES
Feature to consider FACET
Flying toys KITES
Former part of Yugoslavia SERBIA
Forty winks NAP
Fruit on a bush BERRY
GPS guess ETA
Greenish blue AQUA
High-stress med. facilities ERS
Holier-than-___ THOU
Houston sch TSU
Istanbul native TURK
Jack who could eat no fat SPRAT
Japanese wheat noodle UDON
Clues Answers
Leave a cocoon EMERGE
Letters by a dot, on a video camera REC
Lightbulb measure WATT
Like a new dollar bill CRISP
Like the child who often gets special privileges OLDEST
Like the shady side of a tree, perhaps MOSSY
Longtime film critic Roger EBERT
Muddy area MORASS
Nickname within "Constance" STAN
Not all there: Var SPACY
Oil-rich peninsula ARABIA
One may sell cookies SCOUT
Org. that develops rockets NASA
Personal style TASTE
Prefix for "service" DIS
Prospector's find ORE
Reason to carry an inhaler ASTHMA
Sax player on "The Simpsons" LISA
Site with custom jewelry ETSY
Smell from a kitchen AROMA
Some cross highways BRIDGES
Spidey-___ (intuition) SENSE
Sporty car COUPE
Start, as a hobby TAKEUP
Storage structures with shelves RACKS
Tech news site CNET
Tequila, e.g., informally BOOZE
They have a day in May MOMS
They're no longer first-years: Abbr SOPHS
Tools for catching cows ROPES
Volume knob in a studio FADER
What a waiter waits for? TIP
Word after "masking" or "packing" TAPE
Word that summons a waiter? NEXT
You need these to get results INPUTS