USA Today - Dec 7 2021

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Clues Answers
'La Traviata' highlight ARIA
'Wow, you ___ kidding!' ARENT
'You've got mail' company AOL
'___ have I ever . . .' NEVER
Abound TEEM
Appear SEEM
Apple desktop IMAC
Bandar Abbas' country IRAN
Birthday celebration where a waltz might be performed QUINCEANERA
Blend MELD
Bones in a cage RIBS
Celebratory period for recent grads SENIORWEEK
Chef at a griddle FRYCOOK
Circular marshmallow-filled treat MOONPIE
Clarinet accessory REED
Clean vigorously SCRUB
Color similar to gold AMBER, e.g BLOG
Commercials ADS
Count up TALLY
Deliberately exaggerated aesthetic CAMP
Dos, in English TWO
Entryways behind bookcases HIDDENDOORS
Every one ALL
Experimental musician Tumor YVES
Fabric part of a ship SAIL
Fender flaw DENT
Free of clutter NEAT
Fuzzy ___ (rearview mirror accessory) DICE
Give a heads-up to WARN
Guitarist Steve of The Internet LACY
Half-human/half-ghost Williams of web comics ERMA
Have debt OWE
Helper AIDE
Ideal 24 hours PERFECTDAY
Inscribe ETCH
Italian cornmeal dish POLENTA
June, in the LGBTQ community PRIDEMONTH
Clues Answers
Lacking color PALE
Last number in a countdown ONE
Last number in a countdown UNO
Layered hairstyle SHAG
Lehenga alternative SARI
Lutelike instrument, for short UKE
Micropub selections ALES
Name that means 'my God' ELI
Name that's a conjunction backwards RON
Navigational aid GPS
Noir or grigio grape PINOT
Not yet eliminated INIT
Org. with a launch schedule NASA
Part of an angel costume HALO
Particularly successful stretch BANNERYEAR
Past partners EXES
Philly school PENN
Poetic form with kireji HAIKU
Prefix meaning 'super' UBER
Range above bass TENOR
Sega hedgehog SONIC
Singe SEAR
Slowly wear away ERODE
Smudge SMEAR
Sneaker bottom SOLE
Sometime in the future LATERON
Source of solar power SUN
Spanish verb complementary to 43-Across ESTAR
Spanish verb that becomes 13-Across when an 'a' is inserted SER
Spiral shape HELIX
Stockpiles STASHES
Sunblock stat SPF
Sweetie BAE
Swim garment designed by Aheda Zanetti BURQINI
Tapioca balls BOBA
The E in BCE ERA
Wise people SAGES
Word before 'care' or 'aware' SELF