L.A. Times Daily - Jul 22 2010

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Clues Answers
"Am __ late?" ITOO
"The Fugitive" actress Ward SELA
'60s-'70s pitcher nicknamed Blue Moon ODOM
Admonition to Nanette? NONO
Alpine wear SKICAP
Attic-dweller of '70s-'80s TV MORK
Balkan capital SOFIA
Betty Crocker salad topping BACOS
Bivouac ETAPE
Cantilevered window ORIEL
Classico competitor RAGU
Comeback ECHO
Crosswalk sign word PED
Eastern tongue LAO
Easy-Bake Oven maker HASBRO
Element 100 eponym FERMI
First Amendment advocacy gp. ACLU
First name in sci-fi ISAAC
French touchdown site ORLY
Harper Valley org. PTA
Home of a mythical lion NEMEA
Horseradish relative WASABI
Install needed equipment TOOLUP
Insult SLUR
It might be a close call SAFE
Japanese golfer in the World Golf Hall of Fame ISAOAOKI
Jobs creation? IMAC
Leafy veggie KALE
Libya's Gulf of __ SIDRA
Like five per cent, to a server MEASLY
Like many short films ANIMATED
Looney Tunes genre SLAPSTICKCOMEDY
Make a connection (with) LIAISE
Clues Answers
Military tradition HOSPITALCORNERS
Mineralogist Friedrich MOHS
Miniature surveillance gadget SPYCAM
Nasdaq debuts IPOS
Nettles IRKS
Not a deep purple LILAC
Odin's group AESIR
Of questionable repute SOCALLED
Pains in the neck CRICKS
Performs DOES
Prepare, in a way STUDY
Rear ends of a sort CABOOSES
Romeo's last words IDIE
Sch. with a Narragansett Bay campus URI
Scot's vacation site LOCH
Sea World clapper SEAL
Sean's mom YOKO
Singly ONCE
Skirmish ROW
Standard partner POORS
State of the Union, say POLITICALSPEECH
Strike target EMPLOYER
Troublemakers IMPS
Try to persuade, with "with" PLEAD
Tuned to SETAT
Twisted SICK
Two-time Oscar nominee Shire TALIA
Used car selling point ONEOWNER
Useful waste, what's literally hidden in 17-, 25- and 46-Across RECYCLEDPLASTIC
What there oughta be ALAW
Word with mala or bona FIDE
Workout target PEC
Works in a Catalonian museum DALIS
Wreaked havoc, as a battle RAGED
__ Ration KENL