L.A. Times Daily - Nov 1 2021

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Clues Answers
"(Marie's the Name) __ Latest Flame": Elvis hit HIS
"Good thinking!" thought IDEA
*Game with paddles TABLETENNIS
*Mall anchors CHAINSTORES
*Popular cause to jump on BANDWAGON
*Trendy terms BUZZWORDS
Automated spam sender BOT
Betting ratios ODDS
Boxer's quick punch JAB
Cardinals and Orioles TEAMS
CD-__: data holders ROMS
Chopping tool AXE
Christian sch. in Tulsa ORU
Cities, informally URBS
College courtyard QUAD
Cracker cheese CHEDDAR
Curtain holders RODS
Desert havens OASES
Divisions for the Yanks and Mets EASTS
Dryly humorous WRY
Dutch beer brand AMSTEL
Elevated on a peg, as a golf ball TEED
Eyed lecherously LEERED
Fan favorite IDOL
Formal "Just me" ITISI
German steel city ESSEN
Get the rest of the soap out of RERINSE
Guerrilla Guevara CHE
Hoped-for response to a marriage proposal YES
Hospital worker NURSE
Ketchup-and-mayo dressing RUSSIAN
Kid around with JOSH
Kitchen tool brand OXO
Lake with the same first and last letter ERIE
Log-in needs USERIDS
Long skirt MAXI
Luxury hotel OMNI
Mama's mate DADA
Math sign EQUAL
Clues Answers
Mine find ORE
Mongoose family member MEERKAT
Naked BARE
Naught NIL
Needing practice RUSTY
Not kosher TREF
Op-ed piece, e.g ESSAY
Passage in a personal journal ENTRY
Potato or yam TUBER
Pro __: in proportion RATA
Radiates EMITS
Rapper Ice Cube's first name OSHEA
Ready for picking RIPE
Rose of Guns N' Roses AXL
Runs at full speed SPRINTS
Runs in, cop-style ARRESTS
Rush, old-style HIE
Search for SEEK
Silent communication syst ASL
Skunk's defense ODOR
Southpaw LEFTY
Splinter group SECT
Spreads out one's arms and legs SPRAWLS
Square footage, say AREA
States, slangily SEZ
Sulky state SNIT
Theater feature MOVIE
Tidal wave cousin TSUNAMI
Title film cousin VINNY
Uncooked RAW
Upright ERECT
Vacillates ... or what you can do when you look at the starts of the answers to starred clues? SEESAWS
Ventures, as a guess HAZARDS
Wander (about) GAD
Well-groomed KEMPT
Wind with two reeds OBOE
Yang's partner YIN
Young fellow, in Ireland BUCKO
__ Lee: dessert brand SARA